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This is a really cute game! I feel like the relationship between Froyo and Pichu moved a bit fast, but I still loved it! 

One question, though: I keep getting a 'GAME OVER' screen after pointing out the mosquito needle, regardless of which choice I get-- is there some way to get past this screen? I keep getting stuck as there seems to be nothing to click. Then again, that might just be me committing a massive dummy move. xD

Such a pretty game! I'd complain about placeholders but even those felt less weird to me than anything.

Thanks a lot for the kind words! We're aiming to improving the pacing of their relationship. 

There are 4 endings to the game. Three of the endings end in a Game Over screen. The best ending can be achieved by telling Froyo about the mosquito needle during the third case in the classroom. The endings too, are a bit rushed so we're aiming on fleshing them out in the future.

We're really glad you enjoyed the game!