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Thanks a lot for the kind words! We're aiming to improving the pacing of their relationship. 

There are 4 endings to the game. Three of the endings end in a Game Over screen. The best ending can be achieved by telling Froyo about the mosquito needle during the third case in the classroom. The endings too, are a bit rushed so we're aiming on fleshing them out in the future.

We're really glad you enjoyed the game!

Hey thanks for playing our game and for the kind words!

Thanks so much for playing our game and for the kind words/indepth feedback! We really appreciate it! We're definitely going to take your feedback into consideration as we continue working on this game. I feel that since we started a bit late on production many parts were lacking but we do plan on continuing to spruce up the game and eventually release a much more polished version. Though that may not be for quite a few months. Also I want to apologize for that placeholder background in the third case. I was not aware just how bad it was. We will have a much better background in the future. We also plan to have a penalty system and expand the story. Thanks a lot for helping to organize this game jam and for your support!