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nice adventure

Thanks for the video, Coconut Mousse

Looks like you had the downloaded months ago. I see that a lot of helpful new gameplay features were absent and some old bugs are present  but nevertheless, should've taken the latest version :)

I'm surprised to see how relatively well you dealt with controls. You'd be best player so far of all I've seen. Thanks again, I learned something from that. It would be nice though to see more of gameplay, especially starting from level 5 where gadget crafting is involved.

Have a great weekend!

yep. i dont even remember when i downloaded it anymore :D.

hehe thanks for the compliment. if you like, i can show you the full gameplay next time with update version

I would very much like that, Coconut Mousse!

Your next level is 5 which introduces crafting mechanics as well as tool usage (which is one of main flavors of the game) and there are 3 levels after. Should be a 30 minute session. It would be very educational to watch such video and it will definitely be a material for further improvements. 

Thank you very much! :)

P.S: In case you forgot or missed - check out inventory screen ("tab" key or double mouse click or select on joystick). 

i can do that but may i request my video on your page of smintheus after? its okay if you think you cant but i'll still make that video :D

hope my video next will help for future updates (im on hiatus for a while)

Not sure If I follow this. Do you want the new video to be included in game info page together with screenshots and trailer here?
Don't worry, i'll do a little PR for video here and there.

just the video of mine is enough (even its jsut as a walkthrough). really appreciate it :D you may use the vid if you want

Tell you what. Record the rest levels, combine the footage with the previous one and include keywords into the name "Smintheus Beta Walkthrough". It will be efficient piece of work which would be easy to post, easy to market and share :)

Although I just need to see second part and that'll be enough.  But we can make it better.

GREAT!!! just wait for that beta walkthrough