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Yet Another Exhausting Day is more challenging than I expected when I started playing. Amusing visuals and sounds hide the true struggle of fighting off sleep, barely able to control your own body and make it through your day. For some, this probably hits really close. After playing this, however, I'm glad I don't need sleep...

The controls feel a bit clunky at times, especially the rolling around part, but this is an otherwise enjoyable game. Good job, devs.

Hi Skydjinn

Thank you so much for pointing out the control problems and how it can overly frustrate players in such details. This really helps us to better evaluate the balance between a sleepy experience and the appropriate difficulty level.

We are very eager to find out what exactly is the game’s uniqueness when compared with so many other interesting games. From your video, i sout of assume for you it’s the crawling action in a platformer style that is refreshing. Is that right? Or could you add a bit more to help us understand? 

It's somewhat relieving to hear my feedback was appreciated. I usually feel a bit wary about being negative toward a game in my videos.

The crawling around and having to guide and time the movements was the unique part to me, yes. While I have played some puzzle style games where timing movements was a key feature, the way you implement that in your game feels both new and amusing.