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The music sounds amazingly peaceful and kinda empowering heh ^.^ and also quick question: just curious, is the full game going to have a price tag or will it be free?

Thanks angelinachea! Glad to hear you like it!

The price tag for Bermuda will be $15, but there's an early bird pack you can buy via the paypal button in the page ^.^- I think I still have some stock for that if you're interested.

Ooh i see, cool man I don't have paypal xc but what's in the early bird pack? If you don't mind me asking.

The early bird pack is $10 and it includes a special wallpaper + the full version game!

I'm sad to hear you don't have paypal, but you can always buy it through later if you want to ;)

And no problem at all! Ask me anything of you have any other questions~

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Ah i see, so the early bird is available to purchase through paypal? Well one way or another I will definitely purchase the full game to play :)

yup, I'm sad to tell you that the early bird is only available via paypal now >< the one via indiegogo is already all sold.

Thabk you for the support! QuQ

No worries. I can wait for the official release then ^-^