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The colors of this one made me finally think of a theme that I'd REALLY love to request: Peacocks. The game I'm making deals heavily with actual occult "pathworking" imagery which incorporates a lot of religious and mythological figures, but there's one very important and enigmatic character that I don't have any good assets for, and that's Melek Taus, "the Peacock Angel." Some have tried to portray him as a symbol of the "world soul" similar to the Gnostic goddess Sophia, others have drawn connections to the mysterious Blue God of the fae / faery religion (if you'd call it that), but the Iraq tribe that worships him claim that he is actually Shaitan (Satan), who redeemed himself after crying for a thousand years and thus quenching the fires of hell, then creating the universe out of a Cosmic Egg. It'd be awesome if you could do some kind of tileset relevant to that -- perhaps some floor tiles with peacock eye designs on them, peacock statues, a flashy Peacock Throne, etc... 

Hi there!  Thanks for the idea!