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Wait a minute, you're the creator of Ivan Fukkoff and Sunkin's Wrath!? I enjoyed playing those games, thought I could never quite finish the Sunkin game, probably because it got too hard at a particular boss, though I'm not sure which one :p


Yes, I am :)

Which boss was too hard? I can give a hint 

Aha :D

Anyhow, I haven't played the game for some time, so I think I got stuck at the giant wizard boss that shoots projectiles at you while jumping in and out of a lava-filled hole in the ground


It's the final boss. His only weak spot is the eye. You have to use trampolines to reach the height needed for attack. He's not too hard if you have obtained the energy shield from the shop. Shield costs 5 diamonds which are all located in the same location (ethereal city).

Hmm, I'll have to dig around in my external hard drive for the game, if I still have it; I might even resume playing the game from where I last stopped, or if not, I would be more than happy to start over :p

Hmm, when I downloaded the 1.4.2 version and opened it, I found that the screen was too high for my screen. I had already checked the Windowed mode, but it's still too tall for my screen :(


Oh, it's a shame... Sunkin's Wrath resolution 1024x768. I developed this game back in 2012 on a 4:3 monitor. I assume that you're playing on the notebook with the resolution 1280x720 or lower.

Ah, I see. I checked the resolutions available for my laptop, and found that the one you prescribed is in the list :D

The resolution in my laptop was at 1920 by 1080, hence the game appeared to be a bit too long :p