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Hey there, I just finished Emmitt's route. (Yup, I'm trying to fit in as many game hours as possible during the final countdown to the new school year.) Here are the things I noticed:

  • On Emmitt's route after he receives dog tags from Dallas, Robin can talk to Dallas about it. After he asks Apollo do forgive him for "blasphemey", there's a strange sentence. "He smiled a looked back down on me."
  • At the AMPs when talking to the tabloid reporter when Emmitt starts to say something to the reporter, Robin thinks "Christ in jetpack, boy ...". I thought that there may be a typo there.
  • After the reporter leaves and Robin says that Emmitt's not cooler than her it says, "I slugged him on the shoulder and he giggle-snorted. What was cute enough to make me laugh, too."
Emmitt's route was lots of fun too, it was really different from Dallas' romance with Robin. There were quite a few moments where I wondered if Robin and Emmitt were dating or not (officially to Robin that is). XD I have a quick question, how exactly does story-mode progress into to open ended-mode? For example, in the er, Stinkin' Mutt end would the *cough* babysitting continue?

Why don't you play Open Mode and find out ... :)

Haha, sounds like a good idea. :)