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Neat-- had a hard time telling what my inputs were doing, but sometimes I would launch them pretty far and the "new co-host" indicator was satisfying to watch pop.  I noticed you used GMS1, i am also using game maker (studio 2 though).  The worst thing about it is depth = -y doesn't work anymore.

I'm on an old version of GMS1 even, but last time I tried to update it the whole thing got unstable, so I guess I wont be updated until the next time I need to start from a fresh HDD. Besides, I got some export modules really cheap thru Humble so to me upgrading sounds like a great way to reduce my possible audience.

Why wouldn't that trick work anymore? Also, that sounds like a fun trick~ I generally think in terms of player layer / object layer / etc, but if I ever try something isometric that sounds like a must-do!