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I really liked this! The jumpscares were timed really good the atmosphere was phenomenal and i really enjoyed the story. The only thing id have to say is to add a few more enemy's who can full out kill you but other than that great job! Thank you for reaching out to me to play it! If you wanna watch my playthrough here it is! 

Thank you so much for playing and your video.

I’m glad you liked it.

  • The torch automatically disables, when reading and enables back on, when you are done. It looked like you figured it out halfway through the game.
  • Just to clarify. The player said “That's Geoffrey alright” in a confirmation. 
  • The lost souls were supposed to detect and attack the player if he was too close. I did something wrong in this version unfortunately. They can now attack again.
  • I have added a checkpoint between the bridges. Sorry for the backtracking.
  • The doors malfunction, when spamming them. I’m aware of this issue and I’ll address it.
  • You just gave me an idea for the prison area. It would be cool to add a patrolling warden for the player to avoid. 
  • Why are you carrying blood?..You picked it would know :P
  • The torches on the walls burn for all eternity. That’s the game logic ;)
  • Good job using the map. I’m always glad to see people use it frequently.
  • I might also add a chasing enemy of some sort.

I do hope that you would consider aiming for some of the other endings at some point.