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Here's the second half of my playthrough! I made it through to the end, but it was not without its frustrations. 

I'm not entirely sure I didn't cheese my way through the whole second half, finding shortcuts and "longcuts" for  everything.  

I LOVED the first half of the game, it was clever and terrifying. In the second half, there were still scares but between avoiding the glitchy A.I.   the vague  puzzles and stamina issues,  the game became  tedious. 

Occasionally, I missed a story-triggering item and instead of preventing me from advancing,  the gameplay would loop until I realized I had overlooked something which caused me to waste a lot of time looping. 

I felt like the introduction of the areas outside the house made the game lose a bit of it's cohesion, but expanding and fleshing out those areas will remedy that. 

 I'm looking forward to seeing this game reach its full potential. It's a great work in progress! 

In fact, you are not the first one who points to the unfinished second part. Most likely this is due to the fact that the first part was given more time. In the final version, everything will be balanced.
Thank you very much for the passage. I was happy to see the complete passage in your performance.