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so honest answer i had no idea you left a comment here for a challenge. Best place to give me challenges is Thats where I post the videos and where I pull comments for my challenge accepted videos. I pulled your comment off and it'll be first next time i do one of those videos though! Sorry!

I enjoyed this demo immensely! The voice acting and enhanced gameplay were great! Well worth the wait!  I'm excited to play the full version and unlock all the goodies! 

Scary and enjoyable experience! I liked how it all unfolded. Great job! 

This was a fun little game, great concept, good humor. I had to muddle through a few parts and I think I glitched the AI at one point. I might have also messed up that appeasement ending. Overall very enjoyable, and I'm glad I played!

This was a thing of beauty...cursed beauty...but beauty nonetheless LOL! 

It was fun! How many random events did you add in?

This was a lot harder than I thought it would be!  It was short and sweet with some challenge and exploration thrown in for good measure! Great ending too! (Recorded prior to 1.1.0 update)

The demo is a blast! I had a ton of fun playing around with different songs and modes. Great work! I'm excited for the full version!  Congratulations on smashing your Kickstarter goal so fast!

This was tough! I died soooo many times! I really got tired of spamming E and wished it was "hold E" but I appreciated the checkpoint after reaching the nether.    

This was fun! I hadn't played the first version, but I really enjoyed this one. Hard mode offered a decent challenge. I'd play more chapters if they came out!

I played 3 of your games in a row! Entertain Me was first. These games are fascinating and eerie and strange. I enjoyed experiencing your game style. 

I loved this. It's a short experience but there's so much to it and it's surprisingly really scary! I hope you make more chapters! 

This one kept me on edge and guessing until the end. Fun short experience. Loved the posters.

I made a friend and named him doorknob. This was a fun and weird experience! There was so much to do and see I'm sure I missed something. 

Jo is a fascinating human being. Glad we could help him out and protect him and innocent civilians from Jo-rollin' related injuries! 

I'm so happy you made this!  I had been wondering about the hunter and now it all makes sense! 


I wasn't sure what to expect from this one. Overall pretty good. The onion puzzle got a bit tedious but not horrible. I wish there were multiple endings! Really fun concept!

Who knew Monopoly could get even more cursed?!

PatDick saves the day!!! I'm glad you made a game out of this series! It was fun and bizarre and awesome...and loud!

Here are the normal and true endings!

What's a guy like you doin' on a site like this?

Great adaptation! It had enough of Baby In Yellow to feel familiar and enough changes in story/mechanics to make it suspenseful! Lots of fun! 

Fun times!  Bizarre and colorful and creepy! I wish I had played the original Cave of Illusions first, but I think Twistyland stands alright on it's own.  I enjoyed it!

Merry Gnomemas! Enjoyable little game. 

 Krampus went to half health almost immediately which made him pretty easy to kill. I don't even know what I did! Maybe when he saw my Santa Smolder  he couldn't handle it! 


You had me at the intro! It was fun and quirky with some good scares and funny surprises! I'm really glad you made this! 

You had me at the intro! It was fun and quirky with some good scares and funny surprises! I'm really glad you made this! 

This was a great concept and a fun short experience. Death sound- AMAZING and HILARIOUS! Great use of sound overall. I'd definitely play again if you expanded it!

Nice short game! You got a good scream out of me! It left me wishing there was more to it but what was there was enjoyable. Good job! Keep it up!

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Great atmosphere, really enjoyable. I wish there was a bit more to it or even a pay-off ending. I'd love to see you expand this! Great job!

This game was a lot spookier than I thought it would be!  It was short and sweet with some fun scares and a bit of challenge!  I enjoyed it! 

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This game is tough! It's one of those games that is excruciating at first, but you learn, grow and come out the other end feeling smarter lol. I saved the sister, but I know I missed a few things and there's more to do. I'm excited to see what you do with House!


This was fun! I totally didn't anticipate that ending! You could totally do a prequel and a sequel to this! 

This game has some good concepts. I like the possibility of  more monsters and floors. I felt like the sprint meter was a little small and the hit range for the doll felt  arbitrary.  I'm not quite sure what the crystals were for. I liked the candle but didn't know why there were two cameras.  I got an ending, but not the best ending. I don't know how far away I was from the best ending. This game has a lot of potential. It could be great if it turned into something that was more challenging/satisfying  than frustrating/confusing. 

I don't shake babies...but for this baby, I'd consider making an exception. HAHA! Funny little game. I had no idea it would end that way!

This game was a thing of beauty! It was simple, there was great atmosphere and tension, and the ending...I really enjoyed it. I think people will experience it differently depending on their mentality going in, but I had a blast!

I love a game with challenge, humor and chaos LOL!  This video is me learning the ropes and finishing shift one. I've made it as far as the dishes level but had to stop because it was crushing my soul and I had been recording for a while. Great work! I have a feeling that HORDES will flock to this game. 

I went into the game knowing only that I get to smash stuff! I really enjoyed the unfolding of the story and while the game wasn't what I had anticipated, it became something more thought-provoking and interesting than just a game about smashing stuff. Great job! 

Hey, this was fun! I look forward to more episodes and more story! It would have been pretty tough to beat had I not glitched the AI. 

Here's the playthrough! 

Sounds good! I'll keep an eye on this one!

Do you think you'll expand Popsicorn too?  (No pressure just curious) 

Short and sweet little game/demo. If only I could dance as fabulously as Toxic Turtle! Also, Samer's stamina, WOW lol. I'm looking forward to more from Samer Hills.