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I'm so hyped for future episodes! I loved the intro, end credits and music. The gameplay is enjoyable and the art is awesome  too! I was going to say I wanted Tasty to be more challenging, but you've already updated that this morning so well done!! 

I had a good time with this one. I tried finding extra endings and experimenting with the gameplay. I wish there was more to it (but I understand the premise of the Dread X Collection.)  Lots of fun!

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This was definitely harder than I anticipated, but that made victory taste all the sweeter! 

This was a fun game, great style and use of color and light. I wish I didn't have to re-live that cut scene every time I died, but it's always fun to be able to shoot Siren Head! 

Great concept, I love that it's "more than meets the eye" and that there's a claustrophobic feel to it as well as opportunity to explore and experiment.  

Loved the atmosphere, good scares and good use of sound. Short and sweet. Great job!

Great start! I'm interested to see how the story plays out in the future!

I really had fun playing this game. I gotta go back and check out ABD and some of your others. Were there additional endings? I tried but got the same one twice. 

I loved the atmosphere and feel of this game, along with the surprise appearances and questions that I had after finding both endings. Great job! 

Fun little game with enjoyable atmosphere and puzzles!  If you like PT style  games or DR Pepper or both, give it a whirl! Also, I personally think I look like Pappy with a shorter beard, so that's awesome! 

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I laughed so hard playing this game. It was thing of beauty!

This trilogy is well worth the price! It's a great set of games, all with multiple endings which I still need to get.

Lanky Lonky was my favorite of the trilogy and the entire 6-game bundle. It's interesting, challenging, and clever with humor and some good scares thrown in.

Poo Poo House was funny and not too hard but it kept you moving and that was fun. I still have further to go in it.

Dangle Dongle Farm had some bugs when I played but they've since been fixed. MicroHorror is really fast at fixes. There's a lot going on in the game and it seems really difficult at first with the maze and the multitude of characters chasing you, but once you play a bit it's doable and pretty fun.

Here's a link to the playlist of the bundle if you want to check out any of the gameplay.

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This Trilogy Popped My Dave Microwaves Games Cherry and Let Me Just Say, It Was a Pleasure! XD 

My favorite overall was CockEye. I loved the art style and variety of stages and gameplay. 

A Real Party was really funny. I love that "Kyle is Famous" structure and the sound effects cracked me up. A few of the endings were a bit samey and I wanted the story narrative closer to the choice buttons, but honestly, it was a great.

Rungy Roo was challenging and the map randomization (or switching tile sets?) messed with my head which was awesome. It took me a while to figure out what to do but once I jumped in a few times I figured it out. The description helped lol. 

Loved this trilogy, I look forward to playing more DMG games. I've missed out on a lot! 

Here's a link to the trilogy bundle playlist 


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Great start on this one, I'm excited to get more of the story in the following chapters and find out what's going on in Friendship Meadows! 

For such a small game by a relatively new developer it had a lot of depth! 1 main ending and 2 secret endings is amazing! When I first started I had no idea that Bigfoot actually existed in the game let alone that there was a special ending Bigfoot ending! Awesome job!

Very entertaining, well-made game. Mechanics and instructions are well-explained and available. The various games are refreshing changes of pace from each other and are unique and enjoyable. 

Extreme mode in the bunker is extremely difficult, but not unfair in difficulty. 

I had some challenges with sprint on lower difficulty (like when you drop a key to sprint but have to fill your bar to 100% to sprint first, or if you're at 100% you have to crouch for a split second to be able to sprint) but this doesn't come into play on Extreme because you basically die if discovered. 

Lots of fun, looking forward to cleaning house on ol' Boofie! 

Here's the second half of my playthrough! I made it through to the end, but it was not without its frustrations. 

I'm not entirely sure I didn't cheese my way through the whole second half, finding shortcuts and "longcuts" for  everything.  

I LOVED the first half of the game, it was clever and terrifying. In the second half, there were still scares but between avoiding the glitchy A.I.   the vague  puzzles and stamina issues,  the game became  tedious. 

Occasionally, I missed a story-triggering item and instead of preventing me from advancing,  the gameplay would loop until I realized I had overlooked something which caused me to waste a lot of time looping. 

I felt like the introduction of the areas outside the house made the game lose a bit of it's cohesion, but expanding and fleshing out those areas will remedy that. 

 I'm looking forward to seeing this game reach its full potential. It's a great work in progress! 

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I have had a lot of fun with this game so far. I just got to the locked rooms part so I haven't struggled through that,  but I'm excited to give it a go!  

The jump scares even made me jump while editing the gameplay footage!