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Hey i know this guy :D

This was a HOLIDAY MASTERPIECE! I had a blast playing and I even got scared, which I wasn't expecting! I wouldn't mind it if three headed Santa made an appearance every year as a series!

Fun little game! I wasn't expecting the ending.  I think if Santa was a bit faster it would add some challenge but it was still an enjoyable experience!

I'm glad you're continuing the series! Next episode is perhaps Mr. Krabs commits insurance fraud?! Looking forward to it! 

I liked the Mr. Clean model. Great concept. I found both endings. It'd be cool if you built on the idea and added sound.

I had WAY  too much fun with this! If you turned it into a full game or added levels/mechanics I'd totally come back to it!

This was harder than I thought it would be! The sprites were adorable! I appreciated the generosity with the rankings LOL!

This was adorable! I loved it!

This was a lot of fun! I love the simple bizarre things you added to the story to make it all unsettling. 

This was really well-done for such a simple concept, lots of fun.  I hope you add some assets to the rooms or even tasks in future updates, but either way, I had a blast and might even try to beat it!

Unsettling! Love the style. I'm excited to see the 4th minigame and the ending. Great so far, keep it up!

This was a ton of fun! I found a second Mr. Krabs, fell through the map, played car soccer, and died a few times.  Krab's shooting range was awesome. 

 Dance off  Time with Slendrina! I really enjoyed playing this. I even screamed a few times! 

This was bizarre and I had a blast. Great sound effects. I'm excited to play the full version!

Okiku and her friends really know how to party! Looking forward to the sequel! 

I played both episodes sequentially and really enjoyed both. I hope you have plans to continue the series! I'll definitely be keeping tabs.

Hey i know this guy

Great atmosphere and scares! I bugged it at the end but went back and got the ending. I'd definitely play the full version if you continue developing this one!

Tried out the multiplayer and started with max speed max impostors! IT WAS TERRIFYING LOL! 

This game is gut-wrenching and sweet and scary all at the same time. Well done. 

Nice work for 48 hrs! It was interesting and enjoyable.

episode 2

I liked the notes and getting to hide in the vents! There were a lot of fun details in the game. Keep up the good work! 

 Great use of atmosphere, claustrophobia and that crawl meter! Lots of fun!

Lucky needs to lay off the sugared cereal! 

I'm equal parts amused, intrigued and perplexed with this game! I have a feeling I only scratched the surface with this playthrough! I'm already wanting to dive back in! 

I enjoyed this demo immensely! The voice acting and enhanced gameplay were great! Well worth the wait!  I'm excited to play the full version and unlock all the goodies! 

Scary and enjoyable experience! I liked how it all unfolded. Great job! 

This was a fun little game, great concept, good humor. I had to muddle through a few parts and I think I glitched the AI at one point. I might have also messed up that appeasement ending. Overall very enjoyable, and I'm glad I played!

It was fun! How many random events did you add in?

This was a lot harder than I thought it would be!  It was short and sweet with some challenge and exploration thrown in for good measure! Great ending too! (Recorded prior to 1.1.0 update)

The demo is a blast! I had a ton of fun playing around with different songs and modes. Great work! I'm excited for the full version!  Congratulations on smashing your Kickstarter goal so fast!

This was tough! I died soooo many times! I really got tired of spamming E and wished it was "hold E" but I appreciated the checkpoint after reaching the nether.    

This was fun! I hadn't played the first version, but I really enjoyed this one. Hard mode offered a decent challenge. I'd play more chapters if they came out!

I loved this. It's a short experience but there's so much to it and it's surprisingly really scary! I hope you make more chapters!