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I really like artstyle. Very great backgrounds, good music, very good sprites, interesting idea of hiding each function in phone, very clear and transparent, good-looking gui and very aestetic choice of color scheme (mostly white, black, grays) 

You had very good idea with this phone stuff. SMS, web, GPS and all this stuff really helps you to tell the story to player. 

Simple but not-too-simple charcter look creator. 

A little bit "unisex" style of  MC and option to choose your own pronuncunces for sure pleases a lot of people. But MC still has their own personality, style and opinions. It's good balance. 

Interesting and original idea for plot. Interesting and good-looking charcters. 

Two very different, competing factions of students - very interesting idea. Also each group has it's own style and domains. The idea of underground resistance movement seems interesting, too. I've played both routes of demo. :)

good beggening for promising story. I'm waiting for more from you :D and for full game :D

isn't it the same Snow as in TODO? I'm just asking to be sure :)
Karin is nice and sweet... but already taken :( 
I like how out-going and laid back Karin and Pearl are. 
Purple Haired Girl is so smart and cute. And... a little mysterious. 

Will it be passible to befriend and romance someone in the final game?


Thank you so much for all the kind words and for writing such a detailed comment!

We're really happy you liked the demo and yes, that's the same Snow as in //TODO: today! 
In the full game you'll be able to befriend pretty much all of the main characters of the faction you're in and some of them will be romanceable as well (although that's not the focus of the main story). And as far as Karin goes, well, there might still be a chance some day...

Thanks for playing <3