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@younis, Hey! Thanks for letting me know of the bugs! Some of these were new ones too. I've been busy fixing them so that the game would be more polished.

You are very right about the dark priest and you are pretty observant with your other remarks too! The goal of the dark priest is not to save Le'garde, as you said, but the storylines are not yet complete and that is why all the characters share the same goal in the demo version. I'll work on it in the future releases and there will be proper endings in the next version. One where the dark priest will have his way too.

Interesting finds with the lore of the game too. The new gods are indeed those as you mentioned, but the lore will have some tweaks where the titles of the gods will change a bit. Their names will remain the same though.

And maybe you just gotta look for those empty scrolls and quills ;D

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Hey you're very welcome at any time. and thank you for replying I'm still playing the game to find diffrent secrets and lore and I'm wating 

patiently for the complete game. Hope you all the best for completing the game and  not have any diffculty with the anything while you work .I will not hold you anymore I'll report any bugs I find and hopefully I won't to not trouble you anymore

best wishes