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You know what would be funny yet kind of good.  

Legendary Palaces: Scarecrow

There is always my favorite monster...

Legendary Palaces: Minotaur

And this one is practically a must but nothings a real must..

Legendary Palaces: Dragon

Unless I'm seriously worried like the bank don't take my suggestions too seriously... I like throwing them at the pot, hopefully they go in.  You're officially my favorite tileset maker even over RefMap (RefMap [first seed materials] doesn't release enough.  You're were tied with pioneer valley games even though my favorite kind was on VX I just enlarge them.  They unfortunately don't have enough of the content I liked like their old style so they can't compete. You pump out stuff all the time... I probably have more KR tilesets than any other tileset maker.  I kind've want to do tileset making except I'm working on a game... I suppose all my tilesets I make could go in my game... I'm an amateur pixel artist but I've been doing normal art for a long time.  It's that your tilesets look SO good.  I really like PVG old style but your style is just as good and there is much more content.  I'm a harsh critic too.

That's really kind of you, very high praise!

One thing about working on tilesets for your own game, you find out pretty quick whether it's right for you or not.  That was actually how I got started, I was working on a game project that needed art deco tiles of all things, and there are VERY few of those out there.  I ended up making a lot of things from scratch.  Like you, I started from a more traditional art background and I didn't really think I could make whole tilesets, but the whole process taught me a bunch and gave me enough confidence to try.

Thinking back on it, that game would look an awful lot different if I made it now!

Are you happening to do an Elven Town and a Dwarven town.  If not maybe you like the ideas.... cya!

I'll add them to the list.  :D