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How do the waterfalls animate? I do not see them as objects in the preview section.  How do they animate with the splash plume?  Waterfalls are always so awkward for me :o(

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Also there are the mountains (on top and inside especially the volcano) I spotted a magical mushroom zone too WOOOOo what is everyone most pumped for. Oh and that special giant tower needs its own tile set and probably one for the gardens.  Does anyone know if Winlu remembered to Mountain entrances (Caves, Mines, Crystal Cave, Other Unlisted Type)

Thinking of Winlu's next terrain tile set next gets me pumped I know there is the dark world with the purple gems and what seems to be an autumn forest I don't know what Winlu will pick I'm just pumped WOOOoo

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like the one you did for the cyber city {nvm that was dragon wys who did that. you should make one that embodies adventure and world map!]

I think this new tile would u happen to make a  "Window" for all this.  It seems this one world (the collectiom of all real fantasy to makr a "window"

Diablo 4 sux so i was confused reading that

Hands down the best swamp tileset I've ever seen.  What should we expect next from WinLu?

cool. cool. So how do I go about adding him?

Are you plugins compatible with visustella?

If you give me your email.  I think I could send it there?

For some reason itch wont let me take a pick.  We don't need one.  In the Encyclopedia there is a section for actors while I'm in game it doesn't recognize the actor I have and didn't put him in the encyclopedia.

It just had 0 actors for the actor section and I was walking around as the 1st character

I got it working but it always puts the Encyclopedia Button right in the middle.  Anyway to adjust it?

I put this as a command for menu command window {"Command Name":"Encyclopedia","Command Symbol":"encyclopedia","JS Command":"\"\"","Enable Switch":"0","Show Switch":"0","Required Item":"0"}
I got the Encyclopedia and Achievements plugins under this one.

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I am trying to get this to work with the Beastiagraphy ans this one and the Achievement.  I know it's sad.  Could you please help. 
I got it so Encyclopedia is under Formation and when I click it. it just freezes.

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The Achievement category didn't show itself when I hit X.  It should be there like your preview stated. its not listed as one of the topic buttons like I see in your demo.

"Ohhh you didn't know.  Your ass better call somebody."

This is cool.  I wonder what the spaceship exterior looks like and maybe an alien planet.

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What's the next landscape the map has introduced to us that is next on the list? Swamp? Magmatic Wastes? Autumn Forest?  Giant Mushroom and Flower Fields? Also, I hope there is a specific tileset for the "big final tower".  Also, a special winter tileset that is not just the first tileset with snow would be nice.

Keep these coming!

I was hoping for some more RPG Maker MV/MZ - Side View Battlers' sheets like you had with the 2 ya have

Nice back with the swords!

I'd buy it if u made way more of them.

Please tell me Swordtember will make a comeback this year.

I'm surprised no one else has commented anything

HECK YEAH.  You actually did it. I'm glad.

just like the other one except a swapped out something for another thing that shares the same A2 tileset type for overworld and put the swap in the exact same space.

what did you do to fix it because I tried making my own collage tileset of different things for overworld but I end up creating the same problem even though the sample works fine when it's in their tileset.

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I see you did a city in ruins, swamp area tiles, desert area tiles, autumn forest tiles, and dark land with purple crystals tiles.  Any chance for a ruins, desert, swamp, autumn forest, and dark land tileset(s) in the future?

This is incredible.  I always value you overworld and your overworld looks stupendous and amazing. 

This one is awesome!  I could really use this!

Before you guys I would think that there are just not enough modern tilesets to finish a modern game....

Don't quit now. I would like more sets!


on your images.  I don't see a patient room

Oh I am very familiar with hospitals.  Thanks for this.

What tileset is on deck so to speak.  I do hope it's another fantasy.  Maybe of more obscure places.  Magic tower, black fortress, mystical forest etc?

I haven't been working on my game consequently I have not purchased your latest stuff.


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Yeah I would highly recommend getting Corel Paint Shop Pro.  Just one payment so therefore no monthly payments.  There is this problem that some stuff such as the mz, dark rpg, and mv trinity tilesets all have a black background in Paint Shop Pro.  What you do is you open it in photoshop then copy the entire thing and create a new file the same size 768 x 768, goto it and select "paste in place".  From here you want to goto from along the top "File" --> "Export" --> "Export As" and either override the old file by exporting this over the old file (which I prefer) or name it what you wish.  The Dark RPG, MV Trinity, or MZ tilesets, characters, side view battlers, weapon sheets, icons, and more will always come with that black background as will a few others.  It's a bit of a pain.  I got photoshop to fix this problem because it comes in with the black background in Corel Paint Shop Pro but not in Adobe Photoshop.  But I need Corel Paint Shop Pro to have a perfect copy and paste grid pieces where in Adobe Photo Shop they let you use "paste into" when using the grid and it's pastes it off instead of exactly as what and where was copied within the grid space from the other grid.  In Corel Paint Shop Pro you must goto "View" --> "Grid" and goto View --> "Snap to Grid" there have both Check-marked (on) and under "View" --> "Grid, Guide & Snap Properties..."  You will notice you can have the horizontal grids and vertical gridswith independent values, which is ANOTHER reason I need Corel Paint Shop Pro.  When single weapon sheets need to be copied and pasted into a new image from a twelve weapon sheet.  The twelve weapon sheet need to cut a single weapon from it this requires a "Grid, Guide & Snap Properties..." to have a 288 horizontal grids and 64 vertical grids which is not an even square grid but rather a rectangle. These single weapon sheets may be required for special weapon animations like the once were in MV.  Once you have the size selected 48 hor / 48 vert for tilesets (32 hor / 32 vert for icons).  Just select the box / boxes you want to copy and and select Edit copy them and on another page ( or the same i suppose ) select an empty space spaces equal to the squares copied ( 1 typically ) and select "Edit" --> "Paste Into Selection".  This will copy and paste a perfect copy in the square with perfect placement to where in the grid space it was before.  No more tedious nudging some icon into place pixel by pixel to get the image, needing a grid, to hopefully find the correct spacing.  Anyways hope I helped.  I just didn't finish doing this one (The Chimerical World Map) because I have not really want to and made 768 x 768 sheets of what I needed from The Chimerical World tile and also as there are tilesets piling up as new tilesets come out with excellent quality and some not so excellent that I can use all formatted for RPG Maker MV/MZ.