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How does a tree mean undead to you? Or a spider? It's unique and I'm curious how this is.

So this is like stone quarry... but furniture, interesting

I really really wanted a factory.  Now I can get one.

Here's a suggestion, request, I would like a tileset to match your fortress from the Brand New Overworld tileset.  I don't know what would match it.  That and that building that is all black from Brand New Overworld.

Great Job! Best one so far!

I really need the ruins experts do MODERN ruins... they got them on the map in the game and I'm thinking... I don't have any modern ruins or a busted skyscraper.  I want to use these locations I have so badly but If I can't get and modern ruins, ruins that are now slums, and blown apart skyscrapers,  I don't know how I'll complete my game.

Also a 2D Villains set would be good.  Do it just like the heroes set where.  The Villains would have all needed to be playable actors or evil face in a faceset.  Some people like anti-heroes.

I think it's really time for the Tiny Tales full Iconset to match over the RTP and then some.  I'd also like to see more tilesets for say Forest (lots of different forest options and different Tree A4's to choose from), Cave, Shore, Desert, Sky (Cloud Land), Town (Interior and Exterior), Mountain, Swamp, Volcano, etc.

I love how you do sprites for the enemies as well.  I'm going to make quite a purchase soon.

I'm still buying this tileset btw

I was wondering if you could do ruins of something like spirit of Asia  or make a Spirit of Asia 2 where there are ruins for those buildings inside and out because on the game map they allow the location to be ruins of an Asian town, Asian castle, etc.  Thanks for possibly considering this.

w00t I'm Greek.  Tis a must have.

hope you are feeling better

I am really impressed with this pack and I want to say there are a lot more rocks that they didn't get to display and I highly recommend this pack.


I see the Necromancer is the Warlock

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I'm wondering if you are going to do the classic necromancer

Definitely going to use this

why are dryads undead? Also where are the vampires?


If it's a male spider.  Where do the webs come from?


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nice. Keep making them nice and big like these.  I might have use for them.  IDK about the fire they are a little on the small side.

Undead is kind of mean.  You even got a tree man. OUCH.

Aprilllls update would that have been April Fools... I quit!

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Wahoo.  I was worried you may have been finished with the Legendary Palaces, but you are not. Yay! If you could really think about doing the hummingbird legendary palace with a TIME theme.  And a White Tiger legendary palace with a Metallic Theme

My game has time travel so every modern one you guys do I happy about.  There seems to be a lot detail with this one.  I should get it while it's on sale.

I like the forge releases

I'm itchin for another legendary palace

I see why you don't have comments on the forges for another reason as well... They rehash parts of old animations, but nonetheless they are notwithstanding and outstanding.  Keep up the good work.  I wanted to comment not email so others can see.

This is one of my favorite so far even if it's a simple sized tileset.  I'm still hopping for the Rock and Stones pack like the Super Foliage Pack.

YESS the tallest building in Los Diablos!!!

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Geomancy Icons ... Earth/Rock Magic User.  Keep up the great work on different races.

This doesn't appear to be a problem because I just learned how to tween and now putting in the animations is EZ

I got it to work my Materials folder was called Material for some reason.  All fixed.  Keep up the great work!  Try and allow comments for your new stuff.  Are you worried people will say these animations are based on your old ones?


Failed to load


Please tell me you have a solution because all the previous EVFX before the forges I have had no problem.  1 animation works for sparkforge.  I need most of my money back.

For Frostforge and Bloomforge most of the animations show in editor.  Sparkforge all but one do not show in the editor.  Even these don't work in game I'll want a refund for Sparkforge.  I can't believe this WTH.  I got the latest RM MZ version, I have the latest libs and plugin required, I have all the effects in, including texture, model, and material.  All I can detect is hear the sounds while seeing the flashes.  I want my money back if this doesn't work I'll be checking soon.

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Goshdarnit why can't you do an MZ demo version of these?  I then can only assume this is because you want us to slowly put the sprites on the frames and where, one by one.  I just wanted an answer from you and you don't respond to comments much at all.  I have to do that sprites on the frames slowly for a lot of animations that I'm now adding to this project of mine anyhow. I just expect MZ demos because that's a professional move and Dreams Circle appears very professional.

...And Purchased.!

Where'd you go... darn