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Fun game, even if a bit repetitive.

Are the frog enemies a reference to Freddie the Frog (also, am I the only who even remembers Freddie the Frog)?

They are indeed! There is also a Freddie reference in my newest game, Spectacular Sparky :D I made Freddie way back in the day, and am working on a remake! I always love bumping into people who remember that game!


Guess I have another reason to play Sparky some day, then. Can't wait to play the FtF remake too. How often do you bump into someone who remembers it, anyway?

Also, if you want to know where I originally got FtF from, it was on one of those '100 best games' CDs that included, among other things, Donkey Kong and Mario fangames. Can't help but wonder how legal THAT was. If you want to see it for yourself for some reason, it's on the Internet Archive under the name '100 maailman parasta peliä'. It's only in Finnish, though, so good luck with that.

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Amazing! Thank you. Yeah I remember Freddie showed up on a lot of those, I was pretty happy about it at the time, heh! I bump into people occasionally online, but it's mostly people I stayed in touch with from old forums etc. who remember it. I know that DingDongVG remembers it and occasionally brings it up in a stream. I'm not sure when the Freddie remake will come out, but it's really cool talking about it so here are some of the preview screens/concept images!


Looks good! I really like the colors you use in your games.

Thank you!