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Pretty neat. I definitely agree that Use Your Words is the best one of the bunch.

I died and couldn't do anything. What a game.

How are you supposed to deal with the green balls?

Maybe one day. Dall-E 2 looks very promising for this kind of nonsense.

I have beaten the second boss multiple times as well, yes, but still no achievement. There are two achievements for the final boss, so am I supposed to get the other achievement for defeating the second form and it's just bugged, or is there something else I need to do?

Found the nurse achievement after a while (thought you meant Epicbase with "final level", you see). Somehow, it even managed to scare me a little. Impressive.

Can't say I have any idea where to find the other one, though. If you mean the second phase of the fight, I did walk to the right for several minutes, but nothing much seemed to happen.

If you don't mind one more potentially dumb question, how do I get the "Nurse Brydna!" and "Actually Bossed Larger Still!" achievements?

Ah, wrap-around levels. My greatest foe.

Anyway, I completed the game. It was quite good. Even left a Steam review to boost The Algorithms™ (and will buy the soundtrack as soon as I get some Steam inventory trash sold).

What am I supposed to do in Goldflumpfing after the checkpoint? There seems to only be one path, but it's apparently wrong.

I thought I already tried throwing it into the poisoned puddle, but I guess I didn't. Thanks for the help.

How can I empty the bucket? I put the poison water in it before watering the branch, and now I can't do that because the poison water doesn't go away and I can't use it on the mushrooms because they're on the other side of the branch.

Neat little game. I liked it.

It can be.

I couldn't play very far, because I got an error message about the game being unable to "load Menu_Cursor.png" or something like that.

I wanted to complete the game, but I got stuck on a wall while walljumping two separate times, and I just couldn't be bothered to try a third time.

Looks good! I really like the colors you use in your games.

Guess I have another reason to play Sparky some day, then. Can't wait to play the FtF remake too. How often do you bump into someone who remembers it, anyway?

Also, if you want to know where I originally got FtF from, it was on one of those '100 best games' CDs that included, among other things, Donkey Kong and Mario fangames. Can't help but wonder how legal THAT was. If you want to see it for yourself for some reason, it's on the Internet Archive under the name '100 maailman parasta peliä'. It's only in Finnish, though, so good luck with that.

Fun game, even if a bit repetitive.

Are the frog enemies a reference to Freddie the Frog (also, am I the only who even remembers Freddie the Frog)?

Pretty good, but I couldn't get past level 24.

Amazing idea, amazing execution.

Ihan ku oisin mummolassa käyny.

I wanted to say something, but SMP basically said all I wanted to. I guess one thing I'd add is that checkpoints would be nice.

What do I need to do after getting the Inkling powerup?

I will fully admit that I have the rhythm sense of a white person, but I feel like it was still pretty gotdang hard to find the rhythm in most of the stages, Metroid especially. Couldn't even beat the last stage. Fun game anyway.

I thought my entry was hard to beat, and then I got to Dread Bowser.

Pretty good otherwise.


That was definitely one of the games of all time.

This game made my lumbar ache.

I liked it.

I got to the Luigi whistle part and then had no idea what to do.

Neat game. Could really do with some instructions, though, because I don't know what the ghost medallions (or whatever) do.

It's a bit basic, but I do still like me some Hyper Realistic Creepypasta Mario Blood Dead Toads.

I liked it. Maybe nerf the split shot a bit, because it made the normal shot feel completely redundant.

Marty's definitely going to haunt my dreams tonight.

It was pretty fun. Definitely not something I'd try to complete without save states any time soon, though.

It took me a while, but I managed to get past the aforementioned water pit in level 2.

Then I got stuck between the right end of the level and the pipe, and quit.

Hope you'll release an improved version at some point, cuz this does look pretty neat.

This is definitely an interesting idea for a game.