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Hello again, :)

Yes, I also sometimes got a little tired when I sent the project on jam (this usually happens at night XD), but it does not happen so often, so one time right?

And about music, I can advise an excellent place, this is a record library of YouTube, there are a lot of music and free of charge (those with the badge on the right need to be mentioned, and most of the music without a badge of mention).

I also looked a bit, and I found this kind of music: Spirit of the Dead (write in the search engine of the YouTube library, the search engine on the right)

If you want to search frightening music, try ambient

-- ShareShift

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i was mostly tired since i was trying to do a game for another jam and then had to hastily get this game to work for another jam >.<;;

and thank you!! i didn't know about the audio library of youtube! i generally try to make my own music (i'm.... not very good at it though haha) but this is an awesome resource!! and this song is really good for it :D

edit: i added the song you suggested bc i liked it a lot :D

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Yes, maybe I personally have not altered the games to other competitions yet, but I wanted to start doing new ones from scratch to Javascript, after I realized that it was long, easier for Bitsy or something else that would speed up the creation of games.
As for local fatigue, I think normal, this happens not so often, it's good, because making games being tired is not quite productive.
Honestly, I would throw off the post on how to finish the game, but I found it only in Russian (I read it in Russian in more exact), in general it is from the creator of Spelunky if you can read it interestingly, this post opened my eyes. 0.o

About the music thanks :)
I wanted to find a good one

As for creating my own music, I think it's cool, I used to do my music before, when I did games on another program, it was fun
The truth is now, I use BFXR, purely to make sounds. And the main supply of music is taken from YouTube :)

By the way, what do you think about continuing the correspondence in a discord, just here a lot of text was formed :P