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Oh, I mean, I just founded this game jam. I didn't know that the brackeys still making game jams, thanks to him though :)

I just founded it, it's awesome though

Yes, to be honest almost everything that have word maker means a tool

That's what I've got! Pretty fun. We'll be nice to have ability to change background. Also ability to save it as .png.

Though amazing banana tool! Good job.

That's awesome idea though

(1 edit)

Hi, this is very cool jam. That's something I didn't participate in something this unique, yet :)

On Unity I will try to create some sort of tool; I don't know what at this moment, though, of course it will work on browser (because I'm too lazy to make tool work on several platforms).

Dream Team: Particulary, I'm looking for designer, or sound designer (maybe even music designer?), dunno, to be honest, anyone who passionate or can do something will appreciate!

Thanks you for reading!

Though I saw that the game was made only in 3 days! Amazing results in such a short time, wrote as a developer :)

This is simple and very awesome game! Only you and bullets, without unnecessary things.

Very like the music, and love sound effects, and overall looks stunning, with addictive gameplay, good job!

How comments said, this game is probably the best game of this jam, or at least at top 5

Very awesome gameplay, looks good, sounds good, and hard boss at the end, that I could't defeat, too hard to me :)

1 minute and 9 seconds my record, awesome game!

Wow, really cool concept and idea of bullet hell game :)

Very original idea, good job!

Wow amazing game dude!

I like controls, gameplay, soundtrack and found design of the game pretty funny :)

Yeah, I see now. Cool art!

Hi, could send your previous music/sound work?

I'm programmer, and working on a game on this jam, and lookin' for a team

Hi, can't open your your portfolio link (there's error 404)

Wow cool concept, nice!

Wow, you doin' cool games, overall dudes that makes games in Construct makes mostly very awesome games! (that's my personal opinion, heh)

I wish you find a musician and great ideas :)

Cute puzzle adventure, amazing. Like it :)

Wow amazing idea and realization! Particularly I like sounds of the loader when moving around and placing stuff :) 

Cool game dude!

I'm playing this game straight 2 days. This game is AMAZING, very polished.

Low bow to its creators. Thanks for the game!

This game is very amazing and nice. Really like it

Go to Edit > Project Settings > Player > Compression Format (open Publishing Settings to see it) — set to Disabled

By default Compression Format is Gzip, and this is making this error (Itch io can't launch game with this type of compression)

Cool game dude, I think you can upload it on Play Market or App store, really nice project

Awesome game! It's like these browser space shooters, very fun.

And personally, I really like a music at the background, it's very nice

Thanks! I'd tried to make game funny and chaos enough :)

Thanks a lot!

Thanks! I will be think to add endless runner, hah :)

Yeah, only one game per submission, but number of submissions not limited to one. Probably it's like this.

Thanks very much!

Thanks very much for these words!

And your highscore is amazing! It's most likely even a record :)

Yeah, I will polish this game after the jam (add sound effects, effects overall, bonuses, etc). But as the variant it is, it's chaotic enough, hah :)

Thanks for playing and for feedback!

Current highscore is 97m

Game is awesome... and addictive :)

Yeah, I fixed it, the game is public now (The game was private before, hah).

And thanks for cover. The game is short at this moment though, but fun enough (I think) :)

Yeah, I forgot to make game public in Itch io website (it was private until now).

Now it's playable

Oh, Thanks for feedback!

I forgot to make the game public, hah. Now it's public and playable

Oh, I understand, character's HP only regains when you have food.

Very nice gameplay, and very good game concept, I like it!

Wow amazing game concept, and typing text to talk with people and have a dialogue is pretty original idea, nice!