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The story is really cool :)

Thanks for the game!


Amazing game!

Very original idea, cool music, relaxing gameplay, cool penguins. 10/10

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By the way, I will post a new update for my game soon (after few hours).

Edit: I made a new update. New version 0.2.0



Thanks! Yes, Google T-rex (and some other games) inspired me to make this little game :)


As for the visual part of the game, since there was not much time left (and I didn't find an artist) until the end of the jam, I used free assets. But I'm glad you liked it :)

Yes, the game is a little tricky. I noticed that clients can appear next to bombs (and even in a bomb), so I made it so that the client "stand on the bomb" if the client is in the bomb.

Thanks! I'll soon add bonuses in the game and make a menu that I did not have time to add.

Yes, thanks.

In fact, the game is very great, I would say one of the best in this jam. Basically, you can make the game little easier, and it will be very nice.

This game is awesome :D

Wow this game is awesome!

I watched the video, and after a while I'll try to play it myself :)

Very good game! But a little hard to play for me :)


Cool game, right now I'm playing, I'll finish this comment later :D

This game is excellent!

I liked the end of the story :)
The fact that these bad guys are oriented. Bang Bang Bang :D


It looks fantastic :)

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Incredibly awesome game :)

At first, I did not quite understand how to create robots (at first I ran around the "laboratory")

How to play:

But after that, I realized that you need to collect one "robot" (to the end, using it, several times).

And after, from the text you can understand that you need to walk on the tables, and create more MUCH FRIENDS on them. The end. C:

P.S Music is very suitable for the theme of the game C:

P.P.S Music Title: Grind

Thank you :)


If you want, you can write your comment, they help the project very much :)

If you have suggestions that you can improve, or what to add, or if you find an bug, or just thank you for playing! :D

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Yes, maybe I personally have not altered the games to other competitions yet, but I wanted to start doing new ones from scratch to Javascript, after I realized that it was long, easier for Bitsy or something else that would speed up the creation of games.
As for local fatigue, I think normal, this happens not so often, it's good, because making games being tired is not quite productive.
Honestly, I would throw off the post on how to finish the game, but I found it only in Russian (I read it in Russian in more exact), in general it is from the creator of Spelunky if you can read it interestingly, this post opened my eyes. 0.o

About the music thanks :)
I wanted to find a good one

As for creating my own music, I think it's cool, I used to do my music before, when I did games on another program, it was fun
The truth is now, I use BFXR, purely to make sounds. And the main supply of music is taken from YouTube :)

By the way, what do you think about continuing the correspondence in a discord, just here a lot of text was formed :P


I made the game an adventure, a game for 5 minutes, can you add?


The labyrinth passed :)

Looks colorful :3

Thanks :)

I will try to add more of these moments with the ladder :D

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Hello again, :)

Yes, I also sometimes got a little tired when I sent the project on jam (this usually happens at night XD), but it does not happen so often, so one time right?

And about music, I can advise an excellent place, this is a record library of YouTube, there are a lot of music and free of charge (those with the badge on the right need to be mentioned, and most of the music without a badge of mention).

I also looked a bit, and I found this kind of music: Spirit of the Dead (write in the search engine of the YouTube library, the search engine on the right)

If you want to search frightening music, try ambient

-- ShareShift

\o/ (The man who raised his hands from happiness :)

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The game is fun, but at the same time rather complicated :)
I reached level 5.

Personally, my opinion, the training was added, it would be nice

For example (if you want you can add it)


  • Move to the arrows
  • Collect 3 or more of the cubes of the same color to destroy them, not necessarily in line
  • Note that when you destroy cubes, for example red, you change your color to red, and after that you can not move blocks of red. You can change the color if you destroy the cubes of a different color.
  • The goal of the game is to destroy all the cubes on the screen
  • Have a good game :)

(If possible, you can reduce the font size on, the font is slightly larger)

Many thanks :)

About the labyrinth, thanks, I wanted to add something new to the gameplay :)

And also, I looked at your games (I liked the ghost, and with the sokoban with fruit). And I had a question, how to get more views and comments? I just noticed that there were 12 comments in your Sokoban with fruits.

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It looks very cool :)

True, I just do not understand how the ghosts are activated (do you need to get up in some place, or do you just have to walk around?).

And also my personal opinion, you can try to add music.

I think it will be cool! :D


I certainly tried to create the game, but I think after the contest will be time to try better :)

-- ShareShift

I got 1001 points.

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I hope you like my game. She was specially created for this jam, if you want can see, can still find interesting games.


If the game lags, try running the game directly from this link.

Hello Jon Terp,

Okay, thanks, I'll try to see what's in the discord.


Can I post a game that is in development? (yes I started to make a new game, the truth comment on which I gave the answer, disappeared, but I think it does not matter).

I want to lay out the game now so that people can give feedback, and further modify the game.

Thank you very much for your answer, I will try to create and upload my new game for this jam, if there is time, and of course if I find a sequel to create :)

Many thanks for your feedback =)

I think that soon there will be level concepts in the game, and new DNA will gradually open for "blobs". And so I did not answer for a while, because I was "resting".

Once again many thanks for your detailed response, so far I think I can advise you to play Cell Lab (this is a mobile game), it's not my game, but from there I took inspiration.

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Hello John Derb, and many thanks for the detailed reply :)

True, what is meant by the fact that "they put a lot of hard work into reviewing each submitted game"? Yes, it may sound a bit direct, it's just that I personally see that one game is laid out on the jam, or just a part of the games do not go to jam, as the judges looking through the game decide that the game does not fit under the jam, and do not add it, and this part of the game is not visible? Honestly, I do not exactly know how the trial goes, and I guess.

Thank you very much for your comment, I'm really pleased :)

I think that in future versions, I'll add new DNA or features into the game, and of course I will finish the game on phones (although it is already very well played on them).

OK, thanks for answer :)