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Amazing game! Super puzzles that's makes my brain to work.

Amazing sounds, music, game experience! 10/10

Thanks for playing! Thanks from our team, lovely comment ;D

Thanks for playing! Yeah, I've tried to make immersive and understanable gameplay, I think it turned out well.

And thanks for the amazing sounds! The game sounds outstanding on every player's game experience :)

Love this game. Amazing and simple. Beatiful job! 10/10

Amazing chill game!

Amazing art, gameplay, and overall experience! 10/10

Amazing game, maybe the best one! 10/10

Well polished gameplay, music, sound and outstanding art, vibe of Monsters inc., just wonderful! Thanks to the team of cool developers for the such of gem!

Amazing game! Like overall progression system where you kill mobs to become stronger, and kill more mobs! Polish, art, music sounds outstanding! 10/10

Thanks for playing and reply! Amazing ideas, I've write them for future brainshtorming!

Thanks for playing and reply!

Hah, you've revealed one of my source of inspiration. Though, some ideas are from FNAF, other's from Faith/Mortis game, and Suck Up! (vampire ai game), and others ideas that I don't remember where from rn

Thanks very much for playing and reply!

Yes, I have plans to participate on other gamejams, stay tuned!

Thanks for playing and reply!

Yeah, game is in concept stage. I'd like to add keyboard writing (primararly for phones, cuz in smartphone mic will not work in safari/chrome), but didn't have much time :(

Maybe (just maybe), after gamejam I will make polished version with keyboard writing as alternative, more levels, and door decisions. I have plenty of ideas that are currently unfinished

Thanks for playing and reply! We've tried to make it nice!

Yeah, I've tried different styles, story guidline and decided on the last variant, cuz didn't have much time to polish. Though, main idea is concepts of the game.

Thanks for playing and reply!

In the game we made unique idea and concepts to make special experience for players

Thanks very much! We worked hard to make it happen!

I'm glad you liked game made by our team!

Yeah, I did this ending in like last hours of the game jam. Would like to add a cat, or other characters, more options, and more actions that would feed that feeling of scary things would happen depend on your choices. Though, didn't have enough time and added only restart button, so have what we have.

Thanks for playing and review!

Thank you so much for very descriptive review! I'm glad you liked the game :)

Thanks to @CLyph for amazing sounds for the game, all of them fits great and picked carefully to the mood and atmosphere of the game! Thanks for Satanic Goose for music, it's giving outstanding special mood and feel, which is well remembered!

Yeah, I made very low pixelart and pixealization, so it gave amazing mood (got it when I played with effects). And I've got idea - why not make you play with you mic? WOW. And made these Faith/mortis sound voice over.

Together with all sounds, music, art, mood and atmosphere, it creates an unforgettable fear of the unknown.

About space yeah, player moving slow, you have 15 seconds to say your words cuz I would like to give player this fear that something inevitable would happen. And, of course, stretch the gameplay, so the game will be played more than 5 minutes :p

Thanks again! I'm really appreaciate your review! It's amazingly descriptive!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks! Special thanks to @CLyph who made these amazing sounds and Satanic Goose for amazing music!

Thanks you! Your game is also amazing! Had great time playing it!

Amazing art, mechanics and sounds, music and voice acting!

Spaceship costs it. Trivia questions are amazing!


150 my score. Amazing gameplay of closing the door full of monsters!

Speedrun music is amazing! Fits theme and everyone likes some speedrun with cool music, I'm speedrunner!

three pineapples in a row got me.

Had three level of doors in 30:10:21

Elevator music makes everything. Art is amazing! And a little spice there... sheesh


THAT SCREAMER GOTS ME!! OMG, I'm so scared...

Amazing point and click! So chill, elevator music makes everything very calm. Outstanding. 10/10 cats and elevator music

Amazing game! Animation, art, music and overall fits gamejam theme very-very well!

Great game and music is fit!

Though, jump over blocks is hard to me

Horror where you talk with your microphone and walk away to survive from the red person. Music and sounds are amazing, cuz made by cool musician, sound designer and cool stylish

Thanks for playing!

Played all y'all games! They are awesome! Had a great time, thanks for everyone for their submissions, y'all very talented!

Amazing style and fits the gamejam theme!

Though didn't go far, it's hard to me

That screamer got me. 10/10

That screamer got's me!!!

Looks like one of my ideas. Idea is that player is walking for 30 minutes in very bad vision only forward, and after 30 minutes - he gets a screamer, when he didn't expect it most. You made my idea! And it's reeeaaally got me!

Amazing game, art, style! Though didn't get how to kill the ghost.

Game looking amazing! Sounds for every action is outstanding! Feels like escape the room genre in 3D, that's fits

OMG, the art in this game is amazing!

Outstanding amount of polish around all game mechanics, amazing!

Amazing gameplay, movement, attacking enemies and balance! Overall experience is great!

10/10, best game on the gamejam!