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Last night I was dying because I couldn't find a song that had been ringing inside my head. It isn't an ancient song, but I was so happy when I found it and so glad it was just like I remembered that I feel like sharing it.

I'm a sucker for the lyrics. Hopefully you'll feel how it can touch a bit, even if distantly, on some moods/ideas we have in the game.

And another one from the same artist for good measure.

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It's interesting that you bring up this song to the sun when a lot of the times, Bulls are a solar symbol.... 

Well that and their horns can be considered a Lunar symbol as well. 

Asterion is tied to stars, I wonder if Oscar has a connection to one of the other ones... Oh, who knows!

A bit of a silly idea but Night Sky Asterion skin? Maybe triggered by finding something made of Lapis Lazuli?  I wonder how the dear moo will react, bashful? amused? or cringe?