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Well, this video i've posted here is from the third time I have watched this today and tbph, I could happily watch it another 3 times. The graphics are just spot on, look at the sea, what about that little island with the solitary tree, what about the boat gently bobbing  up and down on the bueatiful blue calm ocean.

And what about the conversation between the two characters, I was glued from the start and why did he never ask his mom how they got to the island?? But in the end they had to ........... well that would be telling. Watch the video and enjou this lovely project, almost a graphic novel I think.

If you are going to do another version can you add clouds and seaguls with audio effects please.

I really fancy turning this into a 6 hour screen saver. It would look good looped while playing on a 50 inch tv in a store somewhere.

Well done everyone


*That is such a great project.

Really glad you enjoyed it!
We're probably going to update it with some ambient sounds, I tried to at the jam but the wireless just didn't want to live up to it.

I'll send you a nudge when it's updated!

I'm following you so I should keep abreast of the updates hopefully but Tortoise Island is just one amazing project. I'm just sat here drinking  a glass of wine and chatting with the kids and they think it would be awesome if you could do some island hoping as well.

Tortoise island is just so great to watch. Get intouch with Fourth Pixel and see what he's up to as well as he did grassland on a while  back and his project was just bloody awesome.

Perhaps a VR version one day but I need some VR goggles lol

Keep intouch