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Thanks for playing it, my German is quite rusty but cool to see the playthrough!

Great commentary! Thanks for playing
And yeah I gotta have more mannequins in the next game..

Thanks for posting it, good commentary!

Thanks! :)

Great to hear, thanks for testing it :)

I've uploaded a new patch with increased ambient visibility and an improved flashlight.

That is indeed very dark. I'll see about increasing the brightness or adding a brightness option.

Thanks for trying it out!

At 9:13 you manage to trigger the button inside the elevator.
Guess I should disable it before you open the door.

There should be a flashlight that you can pickup near the boat.

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Thanks! :)

Gotta love the way we learn from playing games.
Player enters boat, "ok now what"
Player starts engine "ok now what"
Player throttles engine. :D

~10-15 minutes.

I'm usually not that much into visual novels, but I really enjoyed this one!

The artwork was excellent and the calls from the depths with the sound was great.

The control icons very a bit confusing since they all had the same color and looked similar. I suggest you keep unique icons for all of them and only have 1 shoe, since now the 4 brown icons blend together.

The hand and nose icons could also do with a hover effect, so the player knows they can use them.

Add some music, fix the icons and this could be a nice little game :)

Well now this is a proper walking simulator!

The atmosphere was absolutely top notch.

But like farsidevirtual said, the game lacks interactivity.

Interesting game..

If you try and enter a house, the player bugs out a bit and the camera starts rotating to the right a lot.

The music doesn't fit :) It's way too EPIC for a horror game.

Every zombie takes 501 energy to kill, so I had to run back to the girl after each zombie kill.

Ending could have been expanded more on, give us something cool for slaying all the zombies!

Interesting concept that needs a bit more polish.
The UI text cut off from my screen so I couldn't see the air that I had left.

The sharks were very dark and since they're made of sprites they were hard to see.

Not sure why there's different interaction keys'E' and 'X'? Picking up and pressing buttons could be on the same key.

Well I got 320 score, but the game ends very quickly.

It's not that scary :)

Shouldn't the microwave.. be on a table? :P

I wasn't too fond of the text system, since it was quite easy to miss that I had to press 'E' to continue the text.

Ending got a 'lil chuckle out of me :)

It's quite nice game, even if the font of "over here" doesn't fit with the pixelated style of the rest of the game.

I moved to my house but I'm not able to get in, I tried clicking on it as well as moving with the wasd keys.

Perfect little gem, of how it's to be a kid and scared of .. well everything.

I'm not sure how I'm supposed to play the game, I did turn around with the arrow keys but I didn't get how I was supposed to move.

Could you perhaps create a video tutorial or something for it?

Erm, there is no download link?

Just a nice little vacation game :)

Ofc, you can use any game engine you want.

Same question by me.

Since I'm guessing that a FPS with 30 words of storyline wouldn't fit?

The first .. 4? bosses felt kinda the same and was quite easy to defeat, all you had to was stand still and shoot at them.

The last boss proved somewhat challenging until I found out I had a jump and was able to jump on a bush to escape the zombies.

Not sure what the different weapon effects did, they all felt like they did the same damage.

That SCP page.. :)

Super interesting game and I really like the graphics, but is it finished?
This section doesn't seem to lead anywhere or have any back button.

Had to enable the sidebar to go back..

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Would be cool if you added some background music, since that was part of what you were working with? :)

Lots of bank robbers in that place.

Good point on not eating flowers from the flower shop.
I will now proceed to find a mushroom that smells like an onion..

Sure, here:

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I'd recommend a fixed font-size like 20px or so.
250% just made the whole text very hard to read.

Other than that, I thought the text was well written, I've never really been into any religion but I can see how the guide could help those that were.

Got the "Fairytale Ending", bragging rights!

Tried this at work with four players, only two of the cars moved forward.

Really glad you enjoyed it!
We're probably going to update it with some ambient sounds, I tried to at the jam but the wireless just didn't want to live up to it.

I'll send you a nudge when it's updated!


Just saw the video, glad you guys liked it!