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(May contain spoilers)

I'm stuck at the lovelies campfire area after, you know the section right before the section where you jump from vehicule to vehicule, not the one at the beginning of the game. So anyway I have Beltboy and his friend, Cyclops (burnt alive), I have to try to beat 3 lovelies at once to save Lanks and those 3 lovelies are tough as hell, I tried EVERYTHING and I got a lot of healing items on my hands, but they oftentimes manage to take down both Beltboy and Cyclops with their overpowered attacks (They deal in average 700 points of damages and those attacks can even stun), so no matter how hard I try I will lose while my boys only manage to barely scratch them dealing on average 350 points of damages per skill attacks.

Any solution?

If that's worth noting, Beltboy is at level 21 and Cyclops is at level 22 and yep I gave them the strongest weapons/armor available right now, even tried to use Beltboy's bizarre arsenal because I was desperate to beat those 3 guys and that did not end well as well.

Besides this, I was also wondering how do I get to Beltboy's Lanks' and Cyclops' routes, it's not written anywhere on the wiki and all the people who have mentioned the routes just barely talked about them.

I know about the joyful route and the rodriguez route, but that's pretty much all.


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The more overt choices to where the storyline branches are in the Sportsdome - responding to Lanks or Cyclops in a certain fashion will change the course of the story.

MAJOR SPOILERS (In case you want direct instructions):

To unlock one ending, respond to Lanks by picking all of the TOP (first) options in dialogue for EACH match. (Four times)

To unlock a different ending than that, respond to Cyclops by picking all of the BOTTOM (second) options in dialogue for EACH match. (Four times)