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So first off, hello. I have only started playing this game recently. 

Anyway, using the debug command "set damage 999999" and hitting an enemy with any weapon gave me an enormous amount of juice, in the 6 digits to be more precise. So based on this observation, the strongest weapon in the game (The Dragin Slayer) does not have a special property (Which was something mentioned on the wiki the first time I came by) that allows it to drop more juice, but in stead it is due to the weapon's sheer power that makes enemies drop more juice after you kill them, simply increasing the power of the player character allows you to gain more juice off enemies, even if that seems minuscule without the commands.

Now, I wanna ask this question: Have you discovered something interesting with the debug commands?

Ahah I'm glad I'm not the only one to have wasted his time trying to complete the game's objectives. :)

I was wondering if it was possible to beat the games legitimately by completing their "intended objectives", so I said "Dark Souls" when the guys asked me which game was my favorite. I fought the monster and tried to kill it without giving it any love and although that was pretty tedious I was actually doing fine and then when the boss had only a chunk of health left, its health did not go any lower. Well, RIP the 2 minutes of my life that I'll never get back.

In GTA V, you are given no objective.

Also, there's no chance I ever wanna get and give 1'000 fishes for the NPC in Animal Crossing, nope.

The unique criticism I have for the game atm is the fact some sprites overlap each other. Other than that, everything's fine.

This DEMO is quite promising with a good pixel artstyle, a creepily eerie music and all. When the full game releases I'm sure it'll get a lot of exposure.

Additionally, "If Windows tells you that Rebound.exe might be dangerous don't be alarmed. It seems to do this with every RPG Maker extractor application." why not use a traditional ZIP extension or to the very least a RAR extension rather than an executable that extracts itself?

I do believe that this type of executables are very sketchy, I don't say that your game has a virus or anything, I don't trust single EXE files that extracts themselves and it doesn't surprise me if antiviruses catch this as a malware (Even if it's a false positive).

I noticed that there was a folder called "ffi" with unrelated Unix files and a bunch of Ruby files, do you think that the game can run on Linux, because I have a Debian system (64 bits ARM) and it would be interesting to try the game out in it.

Besides this, I was also wondering how do I get to Beltboy's Lanks' and Cyclops' routes, it's not written anywhere on the wiki and all the people who have mentioned the routes just barely talked about them.

I know about the joyful route and the rodriguez route, but that's pretty much all.

(May contain spoilers)

I'm stuck at the lovelies campfire area after, you know the section right before the section where you jump from vehicule to vehicule, not the one at the beginning of the game. So anyway I have Beltboy and his friend, Cyclops (burnt alive), I have to try to beat 3 lovelies at once to save Lanks and those 3 lovelies are tough as hell, I tried EVERYTHING and I got a lot of healing items on my hands, but they oftentimes manage to take down both Beltboy and Cyclops with their overpowered attacks (They deal in average 700 points of damages and those attacks can even stun), so no matter how hard I try I will lose while my boys only manage to barely scratch them dealing on average 350 points of damages per skill attacks.

Any solution?

If that's worth noting, Beltboy is at level 21 and Cyclops is at level 22 and yep I gave them the strongest weapons/armor available right now, even tried to use Beltboy's bizarre arsenal because I was desperate to beat those 3 guys and that did not end well as well.

Do I need to use Windows 95 to play this? 

Just kidding, I will give it a try and make a review on it. It looks really good.