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So, what can I say about this VN.
The 2 finals are completely different, 2 different corners of the story, with a detailed narrative that doesn't fail on imagine what's happening.
The cartoonish style of art is very nice too, and got a big change, since the Jam ver of the game.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed the game giving my total attention on get the achievements too in 4 hours.

By the other side, I'd really love to buy the art book, I won't lie, by I don't have money on hand. But I will see what kind of support I can give, maybe a fanart, or maybe something more, but as a fan of the game, at least I have the personal obligation of spreading the word.

Nice VN Kigyo, I will keep an eye on your next games, if you have in plans make more of course. Keep on it.

Thank you so much for your kind words. 

Don't worry about not buying the art book, I love seeing fanart more than anything!