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Tutorial: "This is a fake mod and gives viruses"

Seems legit.

So, what can I say about this VN.
The 2 finals are completely different, 2 different corners of the story, with a detailed narrative that doesn't fail on imagine what's happening.
The cartoonish style of art is very nice too, and got a big change, since the Jam ver of the game.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed the game giving my total attention on get the achievements too in 4 hours.

By the other side, I'd really love to buy the art book, I won't lie, by I don't have money on hand. But I will see what kind of support I can give, maybe a fanart, or maybe something more, but as a fan of the game, at least I have the personal obligation of spreading the word.

Nice VN Kigyo, I will keep an eye on your next games, if you have in plans make more of course. Keep on it.