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Hi angelinachea! Thanks for coming by!

Well, at first, only Tamara understand them, but as the game progressed, Tamara re-learned Indonesia language in a few weeks (with lots of stuttering, slow talks, & Granny Sukma's totulage).

Tamara's father is Indonesian so she has somekind of a base already. The lessons mainly serve as a reminder so I guess it's fair to say she learn pretty quickly? ><

I hope this answer your question & please, take your time & enjoy the game!



Ah i see okay cool. I just wanted to make sure I understood what was going on c'x but yeah thanks for answering my question :D

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Ahhhh i just finished my first playthrough and it hit me in the feels! I love this game and i am definitely gonna go back to try to get the other endings later :D


Good luck! X'D 

Really glad to hear you like it and hope you enjoy it thoroughly~