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Be nice if the fucking game worked.


Sorry you're having issues running the game. Depending on multiple factors like the browser, OS and hardware the game can have some issues loading and running, such as, for example performance problems. Loading problems are one of the most problematic ones, especially with the web versions of our games, given how heavy and long Unity WebGL actually takes to load. That being said, we never really encountered a specific situation where the game would completely fail to load. Sometimes it can take a good chunk of time, but it will eventually work out.

That being said though, since you're reporting that it doesn't work, we would like to ask for more details (if possible) to look into it. First off, we would like to confirm what version of the game you're using. Are you attempting to play one of the desktop versions, or the web version?

Then we would like to request you to try to reload the game once more, and check if there's any result after some minutes (try not to switch the window, as we've seen it sometimes breaks the loading for some reason). If it still don't work, we ask if you could provide us with your current browser (and respective version), OS and RAM memory so we can further do some troubleshooting. If there's any sort of crash dump or error, if we could have more information about it, it'd also help us immensely.

Making sure our games work (and well) is our biggest priority, so we're more than interested in helping out figuring why the game doesn't load. Thank you!