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Shotgun King has that vibe of the King being tired of your shit, and goes on a rampage with a double-barreled shotgun.

Too bad I can't run this on my PC.  Chugs like hot garbage.  It's my PC's fault, not the game.

An interesting word game.  

From looking at this game, it reminds me of Koudelka (grid-based movement and attack), and Parasite Eve.  I may have to download this and give a whirl.  I hope you continue to make more games like this.

Aside from the game randomly crashing because of an error, it's not a bad game.

Man, this is harder than it looks.

Maaaaaaan, why does it have to cost money?  I'd totally play this lol.

Fun little game.  I keep getting beaten by the large boss who keeps increasing his shields.  I didn't find any bugs in my playthroughs of the game.  Keep up the good work.

It's fun, not sure where to go.  Is there a map feature I'm missing?

I downloaded the demo to play later.  This looks great, and the pixel graphics are my jam.

It's okay.  I'll use the arrow keys and X to shoot.

Not a fan of the ESDF movement scheme; always been used to WASD movement.  Aside from that small gripe, it's a fun little game.

Interesting game.  I'm getting the hang of it.

Yeah, I figured it out after I sent my comment.

Well, that was a drag.  I'm glad I'm single.

I suck at this game and I'm not sure how to use the machine.

Game is okay.  Couldn't beat the first boss because I suck lol.

(1 edit)

I would start then stop.  Maybe I'll try again.

EDIT:  I got it.  I went to the website.

Strange, I can't get the game to load.  Is there an issue?

Very interesting game.  Kind of reminds me of the other game similar to this—name escapes me—and I find this quite fun.  The guy with the flaming sword seems like the best character in the game (in my opinion).

Hmm, hmm, hmm.

Hmm indeed.

Can't download it.  It isn't a zip file.

It makes more sense now.  My American brain saw a misspelled word and not considered it being French for red.  My apologies, y'all.

I'm a fan of card-building RPGs and I figured this would be right up my alley.  Tried to get the web game working and it wouldn't launch.  So I downloaded, played for a little bit, and it wasn't for me.  HOWEVER, I do enjoy the art aesthetic, the colorful work, and the imagination you put in this game.  Keep up the good work

This reminds me of Super Mario 2 and Yoshi's Adventure.  A bit difficult.

It's spelled "rogue" and I can understand how people mix up rouge with rogue.  You look at the spelling of rouge and it spells like rogue.  The English language sucks sometimes.

I haven't played this game and I ALREADY like the VHS filter with the use of modern technology.  A clash of two different generations.

Takes a little getting used to.  I'm in the Top 10 in 8th place.

There are actually 9 circles of Hell. XD

Thank you! :D

It's too bad that you couldn't map jump to W.  It'd be so much easier to jump than with the spacebar.  Otherwise, not a bad game.

Quite.  I managed to beat the game in about 11 minutes.  I had a lucky run.

Fun, challenging game.  Farthest I've gotten was floor 4.

Fun little word game.  It takes a bit of getting the hang of, regardless of how many games you play.  I enjoy it for its challenging difficulty and trying to put some strategy into it.

Good to know.

Okay, I have a soft spot for PlayStation 32-bit polygonal graphics when I was a lad, turning 12 after the PlayStation's release.  These graphics are impressive for the PS1 style and, if I didn't have to pay for the demo, I'd download it and mess around with it.

Sounds good.  I'll try again and look for it.  Thanks for showing me.

Fun game.  Can't find the key to progress in the first level.

Well made game.

It's pretty good.  I always have a soft spot for pixelated graphics and low-res games.