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There are actually 9 circles of Hell. XD

Thank you! :D

It's too bad that you couldn't map jump to W.  It'd be so much easier to jump than with the spacebar.  Otherwise, not a bad game.

Quite.  I managed to beat the game in about 11 minutes.  I had a lucky run.

Fun, challenging game.  Farthest I've gotten was floor 4.

Fun little word game.  It takes a bit of getting the hang of, regardless of how many games you play.  I enjoy it for its challenging difficulty and trying to put some strategy into it.

Good to know.

Okay, I have a soft spot for PlayStation 32-bit polygonal graphics when I was a lad, turning 12 after the PlayStation's release.  These graphics are impressive for the PS1 style and, if I didn't have to pay for the demo, I'd download it and mess around with it.

Sounds good.  I'll try again and look for it.  Thanks for showing me.

Fun game.  Can't find the key to progress in the first level.

Well made game.

It's pretty good.  I always have a soft spot for pixelated graphics and low-res games.  

T'was not my intention to summon you, LordofNope lo

:O So many nopes in this game lol

Sounds like everything is coming along.  I bought the game through here and I can't wait for the finished product :D

The game isn't too bad.  My only gripe is that there are too many enemies plaguing the screen.  Fix that.

This game is excellent.  I don't have any complaints with it.  Keep doing what you're doing and I can't wait for the full product.

It's okay.  Takes a bit to get the combat down.  Aside from that, nothing new to write home about.

Be nice if the fucking game worked.

It's not bad, not all that interesting.  I had fun playing the game.

Not a bad little game.  It's fun, good fun for platforming masters.

Eh, it's okay.  Nice little Metroidvania game that shows promise.