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Pretty fun.  This wasn't what I was expecting for a roguelike RPG.

This seems almost impossible lol.

Challenging, yet addictive, little game.  I'm trying to get the hang of it.

Browser still not running.  Downloaded the game; it runs fine.  (Runs better than the browser lol.)

On browser.  It's stuck on the loading screen where it'll load the Unity Engine (that square thingy with the progress bar underneath it).  I'll have a look again to see if it'll load

Hmm... it stopped working.  It won't get passed the loading screen :-/ 

Thanks.  I could figure out the movements; just not the attack button lol

What are the controls?  I can't seem to get anything going.

This game is both fun and frustrating.  Sometimes I get the luck of having enemies in my face after entering a new room, especially those damn Cobalts lol.

Is there an issue running it on web browser?  Can't get it to open.

I don't fully understand how this game works; I just try to cover the star with cards lol

Not too bad.  Interesting little game that takes getting used to.

Well, I suck at Sudoku.

I don't know.  You probably have a cult following on here and if anyone say anything negative about your games, they'll downvote LOL

It's okay.  Not really for me.

Thanks for adding classes.  It makes the game more fun but when I come back today, it's reset.  All that progress gone :(  Oh well, time to unlock them again.

I have a question:  Have you considered porting this to iOs and Android?  This would be fun on the go.

It's rated "P" for "Pupper".

Yeah, I get into a position where I can't make any matches at all.  Most likely because I panic and can't find any and I end up dying XD 

Having a hard time finding matches and dodging.  there should be a patch where if you can't find a match in 10 second, the board resets.


Shotgun King has that vibe of the King being tired of your shit, and goes on a rampage with a double-barreled shotgun.

An interesting word game.  

From looking at this game, it reminds me of Koudelka (grid-based movement and attack), and Parasite Eve.  I may have to download this and give a whirl.  I hope you continue to make more games like this.

Aside from the game randomly crashing because of an error, it's not a bad game.

Man, this is harder than it looks.

Maaaaaaan, why does it have to cost money?  I'd totally play this lol.

Fun little game.  I keep getting beaten by the large boss who keeps increasing his shields.  I didn't find any bugs in my playthroughs of the game.  Keep up the good work.

I downloaded the demo to play later.  This looks great, and the pixel graphics are my jam.

It's okay.  I'll use the arrow keys and X to shoot.

Not a fan of the ESDF movement scheme; always been used to WASD movement.  Aside from that small gripe, it's a fun little game.

Interesting game.  I'm getting the hang of it.

Yeah, I figured it out after I sent my comment.

Well, that was a drag.  I'm glad I'm single.

I suck at this game and I'm not sure how to use the machine.

Game is okay.  Couldn't beat the first boss because I suck lol.

Very interesting game.  Kind of reminds me of the other game similar to this—name escapes me—and I find this quite fun.  The guy with the flaming sword seems like the best character in the game (in my opinion).