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Very nice game. I do agree with some of the other comments about the bats, as they are now, they detract from the game, several times I've died trying to talk to someone. They can make exploration very aggravating, if I run into an empty dead end and find the entrance blocked by them, there seems no way of getting out except dying and reloading the save. If you include enemies there should definitely be a way to either defeat them or defend yourself and escape them. The players death should result as a lack of skill on their end, not simply happenstance. randomness can be good for shaking stuff up, but should never be the sole factor in killing a player.

However now that I have the negative out of the way, I will say I really liked it. The story is good, short and sweet, with a great amount of heart. I love the pixel art character portraits, and the assets are all nicely detailed and go together very well.  Exploring the area, discovering and speaking with the various characters, and solving their dilemmas can be satisfying. Finding the leaves next to the skeleton, then later finding the person that needs them gives a nice "ahha!" moment. It does seems strange that falling into a hole transports you to a different section of the map, so this could use a little bit more context, do you fall into a tunnel and just walk to the other side?

Anyway, great work!

Thank you so much for playing my game. I really appreciate it. Noted and I will improve the game. Again thank you. :)