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Great Visual Novel!

I really felt for the protagonist. Alyx is so incredibly adorable that you just want to give him a hug in every scene. Coincidentally, a guy I know and like has a lot of similiarities to him, including an almost identical I'm maybe a bit biased. Nevertheless, Alyx has earned a spot as one of my favorite VN protagonists.

The artworks are cute and the expression do a great job at conveying the emotions the characters are having at the moment.

The story is told in a way that really touched me. Without a few elements it would be a typical slice-of-life/coming-of-age story, but I was way more entertained than these kind of stories usually do. The chat room messages including emojis were a nice addition as well and seemed pretty authentic.

Solid BGM as well.

What really surprised me was the animated background in the main menu. That is something you definitely don't see every day.

Some technical stuff was a bit of a letdown. While the text moves across the screen, you can see the markup tags for text, before it is rendered in italic. Not sure if that's a usual problem of your engine, but it would be great if you could fix that.

Also, after reaching a dead end and the true ending, the game froze both times and wouldn't accept anymore inputs, so I had to quit it with the task manager. That was a bit frustrating.

Still, I'm very impressed with this VN. Can't wait to see the full version!


I'm very sorry that I'm only just replying to your comment now, I meant to ages ago but I've ended up just totally sucking at life lately T_T

Thanks for taking the time to play through the little demo ad to comment, it's much appreciated :3 That's adorable that you know and like someone who is similar... you never know, it could be fate :P

I can't take much credit for the artwork since I'm just using some of Tokudaya's free sprites, I did re-colour them and tweak the style though x3 I was thinking of possibly making new sprites sometime down the line so that they're more unique, but at the same time I kinda like how they've come out and to me they already look like how I see the characters in my head!

I didn't really know if I'd be able to pull off a slice-of-life type story because it's not really a genre that I read myself as I'm much more into fantasy and stuff like that, so I wanted to have a go at just squishing a little bit of fantasy into a slice-of-life type story x3 Hopefully it will all work out in the end. I'd like to figure out a better way of working the chatroom messages but I'm not very savvy when it comes to coding stuff so I have lots to learn, it's definitely a feature that will remain throughout the game though.

Adding BGM and video stuff is one of my favourite parts of making things like this, haha. I adore finding the right BGM for a scene/mood and I'm trying not to use too many tracks in this since I went a bit wild with BGM in my main project, I want this one to have a soundtrack where themes are recognisable by what's happening and stuff.

As for technical stuff... this is where I let out a cry of anguish and go bury myself underground xD I know very little in the way of coding stuff and so when things like that go wrong or wonky with the engine, I don't really have a darn clue how to make them right >.<" I will try to learn more at some point or at least get some help from someone with more experience, as I realise little things like that can be pretty jarring x3

If the demo freezes up and dies once you get to the end of the content, that's entirely my fault as I didn'thave time to jump the player back to the start screen or make a proper exit button when I was rushing to submit it for the jam >.< And of course, the other crash on a dead end is also my fault and I'm sorry that slipped through as I thought I'd caught all of those, darn thing T_T I'll definitely get it fixed at some point though because it's not supposed to, haha.