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Just installed this engine, and I really want to use it. But it checks for updates and then says "Failed to establish connection - no response from remote host..." I really want to know what I could do to fix this so I can use this wonderful tool. Thank you.

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EDIT (2021-11-22): Turns out there was a bug with newly created accounts. It is now fixed.

It's working for most people,  not sure what's going on. Are you using Spectrum as an ISP by any chance? I've heard people have issues with them.

I am not using Spectrum, I am using Cox 

is there anyway to force the tool to be used offline?

The tool can be used offline, but only after successfully connecting once, because what you install is only the launcher, it still needs to download the client, server and runtime once.


I'm having the same issue, and I have xfinity as an ISP


This was a bug with newly created accounts due to a recent server upgrade. It is now fixed. My apologies.

Ah okay, do you think it’s an issue on the server end? I’ve tried making other accounts but it ends up with the same result 

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No, the server works for most people, it's something with some people's setup but I don't know what.

I’ll check my firewall and see if it’s getting blocked

Turns out this was a bug with newly created accounts due to a recent server upgrade. It is now fixed. Sorry about that.

Heck yeah! I’m very excited to get home and try this software

could you help me out i am having the issue too