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Wow, I really enjoyed this game! I loved the music, the mood, the art, the story... everything! :D Do the two main characters show up in Ego Holic too? (I don't see their sprites in the banner of the game page.) I want to know more about them... 

I really liked the story, but I do feel it ended a bit anti-climatically. I was expecting one more twist before the villain was apprehended. But this by no means, take away my enjoyment of the story! The subtle closing of the prequel draws me in to playing the main story.

All in all, great job! 


Thank you so much for playing and leaving a great review!

Yes, they will certainly make an appearance, just not as part of the main cast. 

I could say that time was short, but to be honest, I didn't want to write a climax with action again. Sometimes even the bad guys are just plain racists that just throw a tantrum without wanting to blow up the world ;D

Thanks again! /goal achieved