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Thank you so much for playing and leaving a comment!

I'm a bit stumped you want to tip me, thanks! My paypal (https://www.paypal.me/cubetastic) is always open - I have KoFi, too, but I can't remember my username OTL

Hope you have a great day!

I didn't fight the half-orc and our interaction was quite fun, I liked the tone of the story.

The whole 'RPG'-esque gameplay was super enjoyable. Man, I lost so many health points, but I was highly entertained!

Lots of opportunities to expand on, but I'm afraid I'll leave it as that. Maybe one day, when my coding skills are better, I'll revamp it.

Thanks a bunch for playing!

Thanks, dude!!

Wow, thanks a bunch! I'll watch it later tonight (while eating fries ;D)

Ooooh, thank you!!

Thanks a bunch! I'm glad the story was to your liking!

Thank you very much for playing! I'm glad the story wasn't too short...

Created a new topic Bug reporting

Spotted any bugs? Typos? Other mistakes?

That one was really cute. Even though there were no name boxes, it was always clear who was talking. Missed some music, though...

Thank you very, very much for playing my game! And of course, leaving such a great comment!

Yes, time really put me under pressure and my proof readers didn't catch everything... I've gotta polish it and upload it again.

Canna is my favorite character, although she wasn't when I planned her route - it was more of a 'Where do I wanna go with this?' and it turned into a real romcom. (Mission accomplished.)

I'm glad you enjoyed the game despite Iris' route being so short! :) And yes, there can't be more GxG VNs.