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Hey, I'm new to itch.io and was pointed in this game's direction by a youtuber I watch. I've just completed the Golden Boy path and I have to say that I love it. That was the my first choice of route since I thought it might lead more into the past than the others. I haven't even tried open-ended mode yet, and there's still so much content I haven't seen in story mode which makes me really excited. I saw that you guys were still in beta and were open to info about bugs or typos so I tried to jot down what I noticed (in notepad of all things). I missed five scenes, it would seem that I had a bit a speed run. I'm planning to check them out later so if I see anything I'll let you know?

These are the things I noticed:

  • In the second conversation with Jammy, there's a typo where she uses present instead of past tense. "I mean, I just *remember* we didn't decide what day or what time to go out so ..."
  • On Dallas' path, after Robin visits Sterling by herself and she can talk to Dallas about it (he asks her) it says "I was so sick and tired of every *cross* thing that came out of his mouth." I was wondering if cross was supposed to be crass.
  • When Robin and Dallas go music hopping during a hang out, in the vinyl store when they enter there's a typo. It says "Thankfully, we split up at the door and went down different *ailses*.

I don't mean to sound uppity or anything >_< (some people say I have a bad habit of sounding condescending).

I'm super stoked about this game since it's just so fun to play and there's so much content. Sorry, I'm not very good at constructive criticism. XD Rock Robin is a lovely game and I can't wait to explore the other parts of the game!

That didn't sound uppity at all. :P Thank you very much for helping us out!

If you're having trouble unlocking scenes, check the walkthrough.rtf located in the game folder.

If you'd like a premium code for helping us out, email me at maselphie at gmail.