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I like the story so far and I look forward to the finished game! I liked the group chat messages, they felt real, like the messages I would send friends.

(I did notice a bug where at the end of a playthrough, I was stuck on the last screen, none of the buttons worked and I had to exit and restart to get the game to work again.)

I'm so sorry it took me this long to reply to your comment >.< I meant to reply to all comments pretty fast and I should have gotten back to you ages ago but I've been overwhelmed by life unfortunately.

I'm glad that you liked the little snippet that I managed to get out in time for the jam :3 And yeah, sorry about the freeze, I was rushing so much to get it done in time to present something for the end of the jam that I didn't put a proper exit button on anything so when the content stops it just kinda dies, haha, >.<