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I really enjoyed this game!!!

The music is great, really sets the tone for all the different scenes.  Well done to the music composer.

Art wise, I really liked the falling rain animation, it was very pretty.  I was hoping to see more animated backgrounds. The splashes of colour against the black and white art style really helps draw my attention to parts of the game.  I also like the way you coloured the blood XD aesthetically pleasing.

I think I found a typo:
"as we want to open the door" do you mean "as we went to open the door"?

But otherwise the writing is very well done and I really like Sungmin's personality.  

Overall, solid game. Great job and  I'll be checking out Egoholic next =D

Thank you for playing and leaving such a lovely review!

Fricochet will be pleased to hear that!

This game is all about aesthetics :D

Thanks for pointing out that typo - totally slipped past us.