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Certainly worth playing, if you're interested in that genre.

The character graphics are well drawn and pretty nice to look at. In their regular forms, Rex would be my favorite, but with the magical versions, Pari is hard to beat. His (regular) looks and personality kinda reminded me of Kanji from Persona 4.

Although I do have one little issue: the sprite of Rex during the scene where they try to come up with a name looks a bit weird. I don't know much about perspectives, but seeing his whole mouth from the side and not his eyes is a bit uncanny.

The writing is solid slice-of-life/magical girl material. Light, but amusing and at times tense and exciting.  Best personified by Roo, a pink, magical kangaroo from another dimension. What more can you ask for?

The small faux-ATB battles in a visual novel are an interesting addition, although there was more than enough time and the right choices were obvious. But then again, you're fighting green slimes, so the battles might get more difficult in later chapters of the complete game?

The first tune of the soundtrack with its weird synthetic sounds reminded me of Earthbound, one of my all-time favorite games. I really liked that piece. The other tracks fit the RPG-inspired elements of the VN pretty well. Although I was a bit confused that no sound played in the main menu.

As a whole, it reminded me a bit of the RPG Maker games that I played in the early 2000s. And by that, I mean the fond memories of fighting slimes in the only games my computer could handle back then, not the "Looks like a RPG Maker game" sneers that are all over the internet now.

Looking forward to the full version!

Hi fricochet! 
Thank you so much for the kind words and feedback!!! We really appreciate it! 

Yes our sprite artist, Adhylia, is a real magical girl ^w^ her style happened to match well with Uncle Mugen's backgrounds so we were lucky in the art department. 
And I understand what you mean with Rex, to be honest that's just due to my own laziness, haha.  For now we are using that as a placeholder but Adhylia and I will be working on proper CG scenes (similar to the main menu art) for the full release. 

I'm glad you like the battles, yeah I made them easy to win to begin with.  As I learn more coding and try knew things, I'm hoping to make the battles a little more difficult, so I hope you enjoy what is to come. 

I haven't found a musical piece I liked enough for the main menu yet.  I'm considering hiring someone to create a piece.  But that is currently at the bottom of our to do list. 

Seriously, thank you so much for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed it! It means a lot to hear this. 

<3 Red