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A hand full of things you could consider, if you plan on fixing/patching :D

If you read the note before checking the door, you are reminded to read it, to be able to get out.
The arrows on the attacking shards at the village are not always oriented correctly towards the screen.
Ending the fight close to where your grandfather is afterwards might make it impossible to read what he has to say.
There is one typo in the text with the bird at the colorful wood with bolts. "ou're" instead of "You're".
It won't register more than 2 key inputs at once, so moving diagonally and jumping is not possible.
The lower ring in the cave renders above the bars.
Other than that it is really wonderful <3


Thank you for taking the time and putting together the feedback Zugai, really appreciate it! We will have a look into it at some point! :)