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Thanks for playing it and enjoying it so much, also for the feedback, we really appreciate it! Regarding watching the Marshmellows, next time when you ring the bell, maybe go closer to the tub, you might see the Marshmellows relaxing in the tub having a great time, they dont disappear! ;) 

WASD: Movement Spacebar: Jump Mouse: Camera E: Action (Pour Water, Pick Up Item, Ring Bell)

Also supports controllers! A for jump, B for action

How To Play Step 1. Pour the right temperature water Step 2. Add the chocolate flavour Step 3. Add the milk Step 4. Add the toppings

Step 5. Ring the bell!

Thank you for playing our game and making this fun video! Your assumption was 100% right, so you got it all just as we intended it :D

Thank you for taking the time and putting together the feedback Zugai, really appreciate it! We will have a look into it at some point! :) 

Thanks a lot, really enjoyed watching you playing it and figuring out the trick on the tree normals! :D

It could be caused by your Computer, now that you mention the quality settings. We will look into it, however we only had the second screen bug so far but not the other things, it's really odd! 

Did you restart the game fully? That usually fixes that problem! It's a very rare bug, that only occured once during our extensive game testing sessions