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Hi ArcadeParty,

Just wanted to pop by and say I was really impressed by Yarrow Valley. It was a short BxB VN with the right amount of sex and sweetness. Although I don't think there was the tension/drama of *not* being able to end up with Havi, it was adorable and I was just glad no matter what choices you made, it ALWAYS worked out. (if only life was the same way right? lol)

Also, I have to say, the art and attention to detail...WOW. Like from the multicolored particles floating subtly, to the animations and even distinct artistic choices that make Yarrow Valley's aesthetic uniquely it's own (like the pure black monolithic forms, set behind rainbow flower fields all infront of multicolored stars...! geez). 

So polished, so refined. Glad we were both part of the same jam!

Hey there! I'm the artist, DCS, hi! (I worked on this game with Arcade Party, I drew the whole thing and helped with coding, story, etc, and I'm usually the one to reply to comments for us!)

We're both very happy to hear you liked the game! The particle affects were something I had a ton of fun with and I just wanted to use them everywhere since I figured hey, alien planet is the perfect setting to finally use this awesome Ren'py feature!

Thanks a ton for playing and thanks a ton for your awesome comment! We really appreciate it!