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Well, what a great little project. I really liked the use of the texture pack and it reminded me of the old FPS games (doom, hexen, heretic etc) and the audio complemented the journey so well.

"I just sent you off so I could vomit" hahaha, that will teach you to drink some old mushroom wine.

I also noticed octopus symbol/drawing in the cave and It reminded me of the octopus on the cliff face at the start of rage. Is it symbolic?

Then when I found the ancient item and and gave it the NPC, he then killled the angels which made me feel a little sad as they were doing nothing but it is dark atmospheric adventure and t it's part of the story.

None the less, I really enjoyed it and thank you for developing this great little atmospheric adventure.

Keep up the great work



Thanks very much! You're correct with those inspirations; also the pixel art aesthetic of Vagrant Story (which IMO is probably the most impressive use of medieval graphics on the PS1...)

As for the symbolism of the cave paintings - I'm planning another game in this series which focuses more on the 'pagan' parts. So, maybe you'll find out... ;P

I did play it a few times and really enjoyed the game. The atmosphere was fantastic and at the end I wished it had a little bit more of journey to it but you all did really well. I couldn't nor do have the time  to develope a game (but i am thinking about it) so I am always looking forward to seeing what comes out to play.

Awesome and good luck