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The idea seems fresh to me in a world saturated with games that imitate Mario.
I think it's a brilliant idea to be a centipede, what at first seemed like a children's walk is getting more and more complicated.
Good luck with the game!

Thanks for your kind words!  It means a lot to me that you enjoyed the game since I used your so many of your songs in it.   It's really generous of you to share so much of your excellent work on OGA and I hope seeing your songs used in games like Yulpers! is rewarding for you as it's really the best we have to say thank you.  :)

It's funny you called yulpers a centipede.   It must be our years of video game training that we assume anything with segments is a centipede.  That was my definitely my original idea but my kids insist he is caterpillar which actually makes more sense when you think about it.  :)