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I have just uploaded a new version with the issue fixed. 

Using raycasting as you suggested was a great solution, thanks! 

That works a lot better! I got "Oh come on!" trigger several times though. The first time I played it I only noticed it once, when I fell. This time it triggered a few times as I made my back to the ladder thing. Could that be a result of the raycast? Maybe it was always there though and I just got lucky the first time.

Regardless, nicely done! :)

There are two areas that invoke the "oh come on", one under each moving paltform.

I am not what sure what caused the behaviour you are describing but I do not think the raycast is the reason.

Anyway, at this stage I am going to leave it be and move on to other stuff.

Thank you Cam! 

That makes total sense now knowing how you've set them up. When it happened for me I was jumping along in a silly manner across the bottom as I tested out the new raycasting so I'm thinking I probably triggered it under both platforms. :)