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There are two areas that invoke the "oh come on", one under each moving paltform.

I am not what sure what caused the behaviour you are describing but I do not think the raycast is the reason.

Anyway, at this stage I am going to leave it be and move on to other stuff.

Thank you Cam! 

Thank you m.zadz!  I am glad you liked it!

I have just uploaded a new version with the issue fixed. 

Using raycasting as you suggested was a great solution, thanks! 

Hi Cam, 

Thank you very much for playing and also for commenting!

I am gald you liked my little game :)

Your  improvment suggestion regrading the blanket mechanisem is great. 

While I did not have enough time during the jam to actually solve all the little glitches, I might make a revised version later on, and this bit will be on my list for sure. 

Thanks again,



Overall, I found the graphics and music nice and cute and the idea interesting. 

However,  I had hard time relating to the slowdown mehcanics: waiting for dialog boxes to fill up with text was somewhat annoying (but perhaps that was the intention?)

If wish the slowdown would come from something more rewarding... like facing some challenge and try to finish it as fast as possible. 

  It took me 17 minutes to finish.... :P

BTW the wooden signs were too cool to skip :)


LOL! this one is just hilarious, thanks for the good laugh!

Very nice, I liked it!

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Thanks! I am glad you liked it!

This is my first game and your review is really encouraging :)