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I played for 20 minutes unable to progress. I don't know what to do. I enter the elevator and it says its too dark and sends me back to the floor. There is nothing to light anything to see in the elevator. What do I do?

Hi there and thank you for playing.

Here is a hint:

1 - Sagittarius: In the library it says: THE ARCHER.

Collect paper:

You can make an arrow by downgrading paper, then downgrade wood, to turn into a stick.

Mix stick with stick, get Fire.

Set up fire on the elemental room. This will bring light to the dark floor.

Save 1 stick for the next day

2. Collect stone

Mix stone with stone >  ITEM!!!!

 Mix that ITEM with a stick, you should guess the results, i think it's a good offering.

For Aquarius, you should collect water to open that level.

ASHES + SAND > new item + FIRE > collector.

Practically all items on game could be made from ROCK, PAPER or SCISSORS. 

Hope this helps.

Thank you.