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Really liked this one, very neat puzzle game! I like how we never see the Wizard's original form... so he was created by the blue wizard guy (I forgot his name)? 

I also liked the secret cheat codes! I even managed to guess 3 before... y'know. But... 

spoiler territory below

...there's one more that you don't tell us about, and I guessed it! One thing I don't get though... what does the winner code do? Change the dialogue of everyone to the one that appears after you beat the blue wizard guy?

Yep! It was originally a dev code, but I left it in for fun. Basically sets the game to "postgame" if you like. It also unlocks a gemerald, and a special form that you can normally only get after beating Whirlin (the blue wizard guy)!

Ah, yes! That was his name! And yeah, I know which form you're talking about! I found the, uh... "colorful" item, so to speak.