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Daily dose of internet.
which, as the youtuber name suggests, made daily short videos about random stuff.
Sadly he stopped this practice during the covidiocy and only upload a video once a week or so.

His outro text, after all the clips, is something like "That's it for today. I hope I made your day just a little better!"
(with a kind of unique way of emphasizing certain letters of that phrase)

just had to think of it when writing the first comment, there was no deeper meaning.

but not kidding, the premise of your game and the asthetics are well looking, jsut needs a bit more content :-)


Looked it up. I can hear it now :-D

Also, content? Never heard of it :-D Just kidding. This was made with a relatively clear vision from start to end. I can't really put it in words, but I have a few games I've been working on for some time with no end in sight, and really needed to finish polish and publish something, no matter the scope.