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Hi! I was really digging this, especially the worldbuilding. Played Gone Home recently and gave off similar vibes. I did at one point get stuck though trying to do the tome bit? I turned into a tome not on the pedestal and it wouldn't let me release to do it properly. 

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Thanks so much for your feedback! That's a really important bug you noticed, thanks for telling me about it!

Edit: the bug was because I uploaded an old zip instead of a current one with the fix. It should be up now!

Editedit: So it turns out the mirror was still refusing to release people, because I'd specified that the mirror release people when unbroken but forgot to add that in for when it is broken as well. But if you've already got the old version loaded up in your browser and don't want to play through the whole thing again, just know the whole mirror interaction isn't necessary to beat the game. You can ignore it and continue if you haven't been consumed in its nightmarish Carrollian maw yet.